Aug.11 / 2015

10 Answers We Want From Tonight’s Pretty Little Liars Finale

Season six’s summer of answers on Pretty Little Liars has all been leading tonight’s huge finale, where all will be revealed about ‘A’.

Over the past six seasons, PLL fans have been on a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns, all while our favourite Liars looked #flawless. Finding out ‘A’s identity is monumental, but it’s not the only question we hope is answered on tonight’s finale.

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10. What is the status of all the ships?

Will Ezria reconnect? Will Haleb make it through ‘A’s reveal? How about Spoby? Is the Emily and Sarah thing going to stay a thing?

9. Will Rosewood’s population increase tonight?

Melissa has been in London with Wren for a while now, while Emily’s father has been in Texas working. Paige moved to California, Cece Drake has been on the run, and who knows where Jenna has gone. BTW what happened to Officer Holbrook? We’re hoping tonight’s finale is a reunion of all the PLL characters that we’ve never fully trusted, ie. everyone who has ever been on the show.

8. Who is bank rolling ‘A’?

From tracking devices to surveillance cameras to an underground Dollhouse, one thing we know for sure about ‘A’ is that it’s expensive to be terrifying. How has this person been able to pay for years of torture? Is there a Groupon for being the worst?

7. What about Sarah?

It’s never been clear why ‘A’ kidnapped Sarah Harvey and held her in the Dollhouse for two years (other than good old fashion insanity). We also don’t really know anything about Sarah’s past, with the exception of what her friend Claire told Emily a few seasons back. We’ve never really felt like we’re getting the whole story with Sarah and her mother and want answers on tonight’s finale.

6. Where is everyone going on the time hop?

Tonight’s finale will be the final episode in present time, with the next season of Pretty Little Liars starting after a five year time hop. We know that Aria is heading to LA, Ezra is off to Thailand, and Hanna and Caleb are taking on New York. But what about Emily, Spencer, Alison, Toby and Mona? We hope to get a peek into where everyone is heading after the mystery of ‘A’ is solved.

5. Who killed Mrs. Cavanaugh?

Poor Toby grew up without his mother, first thinking she had thrown herself from roof at Radley and then learning she was pushed. Why was she murdered and possibly even more importantly, why was the murder covered up?

4. Who killed Bethany Young?

We learned from Leslie Stone (through Mona) that Charles and Bethany Young escaped Radley the same night that Alison went missing. That was also the night that Melissa mistakenly buried Bethany Young alive, thinking she was Alison. But as we now know, someone hit Bethany with a shovel before Melissa got there. Who was holding the shovel on that night of a thousand yellow shirts?

3. Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis?

In Season 6, the general consensus is that ‘A’ is Charles and that Charles is Alison and Jason’s older brother that Mrs. DiLaurentis hid for years until faking his death. Did Charles kill his mother? What was his motivation?

2. Why the Liars?

There was the ‘Jenna’ thing, but by now we’re pretty sure that Jenna isn’t ‘A’. So, what is it about Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Alison that made someone want to torture them for years and eventually kidnap them? Is it to clone them and make an army of soldiers with beautiful hair? That’s our guess.

1. Who is ‘A’?

Of course, this one is obvious, but in addition to a name and a face, we wouldn’t mind finding out what the letter ‘A’ signifies.

Watch the season finale of Pretty Little Liars tonight 8E/5P on M3!