Nov.26 / 2014

10 Best Moments From the Season 19 Dancing With The Stars Finale

Last night’s Season 19 finale of Dancing With The Stars was jam packed with performances, tears, the return of familiar faces, and the crowning of the latest celebrity to win the Mirror Ball. Before we say good-bye to another season we’re taking a look back at last night’s best moments.

10. The Falling Mirror Ball

Alfonso and Witney got so into their final DWTS performance that Witney accidentally knocked over the Mirror Ball trophy. Setting the award on the ground likely wasn’t the best spot for it, but the accident was a reminder that DWTS is a live show, which adds to the excitement and suspense each week.

9. Nick Jonas’ Performance

There has been no shortage of memorable performances on this season of DWTS, from Iggy Azalea’s malfunctioning ear piece to Colbie Caillat’s shiver-inducing performance of Try. Last night we saw Nick Jonas get off to a bit of a rocky start and then in true DWTS fashion, pull the performance together and get the crowd on their feet.

8. The Pros of DWTS

We’re not saying that ABC had a lot of time to kill, but a three hour finale is pretty intense. Thanks to a number of incredible performances by the professional dancing team at DWTS the hours flew by.

7. Jonathan Bennett’s Return

Many of the Season 19 stars returned during last night’s finale to cheer on the final three and to perform their routines from earlier in the season. While we were happy to see everyone back, we still have a soft spot in our hearts for Jonathan Bennett. Next to Alfonso Ribeiro, it seemed that Bennett was most excited to be on DWTS, revealing that he watched the show with his parents before they both passed away.

6. Bethany and Derek Being Voted In

This season of DWTS had a close race to the very end. The last four couples deserved to be there and we were disappointed that Bethany and Derek didn’t make it to the top three. It’s no surprise that fans voted for Bethany and Derek to have a repeat performance on Tuesday’s finale and we were happy to see them back on the dance floor.

5. Meghan Trainor’s Performance

While there were many tears flowing during the emotional DWTS finale, it was up to performers like Meghan Trainor to keep the energy high. She definitely did just that with her incredible performance of All About That Bass and Lips Are Moving.

4. Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews

DWTS is a reality series about celebrities competing in dance. It could very easily turn into the cheesiest show on TV, but it doesn’t. Two big reasons for that are hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews. Hilarious, quick, and expertly walking the very fine line between being saucy and also appropriate for ABC, so much of the show and this season’s success can be attributed to these two.

3. Janel and Val’s Relationship Status

The question that everyone has been asking this season is ‘are Janel and Val dating?’ I think Val had the best response last night when he said he’s excited to spend time with Janel outside of the dance studio and get to know her. It’s like dating someone at camp when you’re 15. Sure, there’s a relationship when you are forced to see one another every day, but the real test of whether are couple are dating is if it works in their normal, day-to-day life. Plus, I don’t know how anyone could have the energy to make out after dancing eight hours a day.

2. Mark’s Tears

One of the final moments of last night’s finale included the top three Stars talking about their coaches. Mark Ballas, who has been on the show for 15 seasons, was brought to tears when his partner Sadie Robertson spoke candidly and lovingly about him. We often think about how much the Stars want to win, but it’s the Pro’s who have spent years training and working to get a chance to be on DWTS and it’s nice to be reminded of that.

1. Alfonso’s Win

From the first week it’s been clear that Alfonso Ribeiro was the man to beat. He’s not only the best dancer on the show, but has wanted to be a part of DWTS since the beginning. An entertainer, a professional, and a gentleman (I never once got the ‘ick factor’ from his relationship with partner Witney Carson, which is definitely not something I can say about the other couples). Competitions aren’t always fair, but last night the best dancer on DWTS took the Mirror Ball home.

All Photos Courtesy of ©American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.