Mar.25 / 2015

10 ‘Huh?’ Moments From Last Night’s Pretty Little Liars

Last night’s shocking ‘reveAl’ left some Pretty Little Liars fans a little underwhelmed Although Producer I. Marlene King said during the Halloween special in October that ‘A’s identity would not be disclosed until the end of Season 6, we all forgot that and expected a real human face thanks to the huge amount of hype created around Welcome To The Dollhouse.

The biggest reveal of the night wasn’t ‘A’s identity, but instead that Mona Vanderwaal was alive and being held captive by the evil mastermind. Even that wasn’t shocking. Mike already told us that Mona faked her death, although we still don’t know why we saw a corpse-like Mona during the mid-season finale.

Is it possible that our biggest fears are coming true? Is PLL going the way of Gossip Girl? Watching six seasons of Dan Humphries acting shocked while alone and reading messages from Gossip Girl and then admitting he’s Gossip Girl makes as much sense as seeing a dead Mona in the trunk of a car and then finding out she’s not dead. Are we supposed to forget everything that happened before this week?

What we’re supposed to focus on right now is the names Charles, a clue that Spencer gathered while sleeping. Sometimes I dream that I’m really good at swimming with sharks, but that doesn’t mean it’s something I should explore while awake.

Charles is ‘A’, so of course we’re supposed to focus on men in Rosewood. Judging by the home videos Spencer finds, we’re also supposed to assume that the theory of Alison having a twin, something that happens in the PLL books, is now changed to Jason having a twin named Charles. Sure, we can go with that.

Even with all of the assuming and forgetting we’re doing, there are still a number of questions we want answers to from last night’s finale.

1. Why aren’t the other parents allowed to know their daughters are missing? After years of watching Law and Order and Orange Is The New Black, I’m pretty sure inmates can make a phone call in the first 24 hours. Aren’t the Marins, the Montgomerys and the Fields wondering why they haven’t heard from their daughters?

2. The girls are being transported to prison together and there’s no mention of Juvenile Detention. Although Emily is the only Liar that’s celebrated a birthday in five seasons, we’re pretty sure everyone is under 18. So, they’re being tried as adults? More assuming on our part?

3. Who texted Ezra that the police had arrived to arrest Caleb? The text arrived while the guys were in Toby’s apartment, so it wasn’t a doorman alerting Ezra as a tenant. Does Ezra still have cameras set up everything and he gets alert whenever something happens to his top five friends?

4. Who bleached and curled Mona’s hair? Does she do it herself? How many pairs of the yellow top and jeans did ‘A’ buy for Mona?

5. Where’s the bathroom in the dollhouse and when do the girls eat? Except for the initial tea party we saw neither activity.

6. Why did all the girls separate as soon as the electricity was cut? Spencer is alone in the movie theatre room and doesn’t seem interested in finding her friends or a way out.

7. Is there going to be a conclusion to the gas mask plot line? That seemed to come and go for no reason.

8. When ‘Charles’ comes forward at the dance, why did the girls take off instead of attacking him? It’s would have been five against one and they could have used the other mannequins as weapons.

9. If all the lights are off at night, how did Mona figure out that the generator shuts down for three minutes? Where did she get the lantern?

10. What’s a machine that cuts electricity? Is that an actual thing and how did Mona know how to build it without YouTube and Wikipedia?

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