Jan.12 / 2016

10 Reasons You Should Start Watching Pretty Little Liars Tonight

If you’ve managed to make it through six seasons of Pretty Little Liars without being sucked into the dramatically dark and sexy web of Rosewood, Pennsylvania (the Vegas of the North?), then tonight is your chance to right your wrongs.

With tonight’s winter premiere at 8E/5P on M3, Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars is picking up five years after the fall finale. Of course, the characters will be the same, but there’s a new murderer on the loose and a new storyline to follow, making this the perfect time to finally find out what everyone has been rushing home to watch every Tuesday night for the past six years.

Why else should you start watching PLL? We have a few more reasons.

10. The hair inspiration is real.

9. The one-liners are consistently on point.

8. You’ll be able to watch the Teen Choice Awards and not feel old and out of touch.

7. The fashion inspiration is real.

6. Every season packs episodes that hit us right in the feels and Season 6 will be no different.

5. If you’re going to stare at a the same faces for an hour each week, we highly recommend these faces.

4. It’s a show with every genre packed into one. Romance? Comedy? Intrigue? Murder Mystery? Horror that makes you pee a little every time your phone buzzes? Check, check, check, check, and it’ll-happen-to-you-too-check.

3. Even though PLL was initially about teens, it’s so well written that you’ll start signing online petitions to demand it receives a Golden Globe nomination.

2. We’re just going to say it: a series that airs at 8 pm on a school night shouldn’t be this scary. BUT IT IS.

1. Tuesday will become your new Friday.

Don’t miss the Winter Premiere of Pretty Little Liars tonight at 8E/5P exclusively on M3.