Aug.19 / 2014

10 Theories We Have Going Into Tonight’s Pretty Little Liars

Tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, airing at 8E/5P on M3, is our final look at Rosewood before next week’s mid-season finale. The girls have broken ties with Alison and we are finally going to get an answer to the question ‘what is Melissa hiding?’

On last week’s episode (watch again here), Melissa began recording a confession for Spencer, finally letting her little sister in on her secrets. ZOMGSOEXCITED. There are about a million reveals that are plausible for Melissa’s tape, but we narrowed it down to 10. It’s like a million, but with less zeroes.

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1. Melissa knows Alison is a twin.

Fans of the Pretty Little Liars book series have long been waiting to see whether Producer I. Marlene King will honour the twin storyline from Sara Shepherd’s books. It would make sense in the TV series to have a twin for Alison, who could also be ‘A’, or at least explain how she got so much done while she was supposed to be dead/kidnapped for two years.


2. Melissa knows how Alison kept her curls #flawless while on the run for two years.

Best kept secret in Rosewood. #IWokeUpLikeDis

3. Melissa knows Bethany Young’s story.

We know that Bethany Young was a patient at Radley, had some kind of horse-loving relationship with Mrs. DiLaurentis, liked to sketch evil pictures of Mrs. D, and was buried in Spencer’s backyard.

Really though, what else do we know about Bethany? Was she friends with Alison? Was she somehow connected to the secret group Garret, Ian and Jason belonged to in high school (Season 2 y’all!)? Was she connected to Jenna and Shana? Does she have anything to do with ‘A’ or was she just unfortunate enough to catch the eye of Mrs. D? Did Rhonda share her Cheetos with Bethany?

4. Melissa knows who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis.

Not since ‘Who shot Mr. Burns’ has the death of a fictional character plagued us so strongly. I don’t see any babies pulling triggers in Rosewood, so it’s time to look elsewhere for suspects.

5. Melissa knows why the Hastings refuse to buy deadbolts.

How many people have to break into your house and how many dead bodies have to show up in your backyard before a family will install an alarm system, or at least a deadbolt? Mr. and Mrs. Hastings are two very trusting lawyers.

6. Melissa knows how Caleb eats fried food and binge-drinks beer without gaining weight.

Damn you, 17-year-old boy metabolism!

7. Melissa knows how Alison has slid right back into high school after missing two years.

She’s only taking one freshman course? How is that possible? Why doesn’t she have a tutor, or at least homework? Have we ever seen her do any homework, or is she only taking music classes because you just have to pretend to sing a bit to pass?

8. Melissa knows how Aria scored a volunteer job at Radley without a background check.

We know Aria went for ONE interview to volunteer at a hospital, but shouldn’t background checks be a little more thorough? No way she would have gotten into Radley if they actually did a police check. Tanner would have been all over that and then we never would have found out the very tiny bit of information we now know about Bethany Young. Seriously, tiny. Miniscule.


9. Melissa knows why every parent in Rosewood lets their teenage daughters stay home alone for weeks.

Between Mrs. Fields spending months in Texas with her husband, to Ella moving to Europe and Byron going on three month conferences, to the Hastings going god-knows-where every week, to Mr. DiLaurentis skipping town as soon as his missing daughter re-emerges, someone needs to present Ashley Marin with the Parent Of The Universe Award.

Let’s just ignore that she slept with Detective Wilden to get him to drop shoplifting charges against Hanna and didn’t notice that Caleb was secretly living with them. Ashley FTW!

10. Melissa knows who ‘A’ is.

I’m sure she does and I’m sure she’s never going to tell us. WHY WON’T YOU TELL US.