Jan.27 / 2015

10 Things We Know About Tonight’s Pretty Little Liars Ep. 517

On tonight’s brand new episode of Pretty Little Liars Bin of Sin, we may finally find out who or what’s in the barrel Spencer and Caleb found on last week’s episode. Please let it be cute stuffed animals!

Each episode of Season 5 has been jam packed with suspense and clues about ‘A’. Let’s review what we know about tonight’s new episode of Pretty Little Liars.

1. Hanna is the next Liar getting a murder pinned on her. Last week’s episode (watch here) ended with Caleb revealing that whoever rented the storage locker containing bloody clothes and a barrel possibly housing Mona’s dead body leased the space in Hanna’s name.

2. This time around, Caleb is taking Hanna instead of Spencer back to the storage locker. I know he’s dating Hanna, but I feel like Spencer is much more useful in these situations.

3. Spencer is continuing with her IDGAF attitude with regards to Toby’s job as a cop and working on the side with Caleb and Hanna to uncover what’s in the storage locker.

4. Toby and Tanner find out about the storage locker and catch Hanna and Caleb trying to break in. Roh row.

5. Aria is telling Ezra about the letter she wrote to get into Talmadge. After all they’ve been through I just can’t see this being the end of Ezria. They’ve been through too much! We’ve been through too much watching them!

6. Ashley finally shows up for that lunch with Jason she skipped last week and he tries to talk her out of something. I assume it’s either quitting working with him or marrying Pastor Ted…or ordering the grilled eggplant sandwich. Maybe he’s had it before and it doesn’t live up to the Yelp reviews.

7. Ashley tells Hanna to ‘forget what she saw’, which we assume means Jason sneaking out of her mother’s room. She could also be referring to the giant peanut butter cookie Pastor Ted used to propose. We’ll never be able to forget that cookie. Nomnomnom.

8. The Liars break into what looks like an abandoned warehouse and give ‘A’ YET ANOTHER easy opportunity to attack them in the dark. Why aren’t all their clothes glow-in-the-dark at this point? It would make things so much easier on ‘A’.

9. Emily is going to be scared about something and open her eyes really wide. I know, shocking.

10. The name ‘Alison’ is going to be said more than five times.

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