Jan.30 / 2015

10 Things We Know About Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars Ep. 518

Tuesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars is full of newcomers to Rosewood, a group of people that are always extremely good looking and very rarely trustworthy. Find out who will be making an appearance in our favourite Pennsylvania town and more from Tuesday’s brand new Pretty Little Liars, Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me.

1. A friend from Mona’s past named Lesli shows up in Rosewood hoping to befriend the girls. Hanna is tasked with trying to determine whether Lesli is a real friend or another Nate St. Germain.

2. Spencer gets closer to her new neighbor Jonny, which could mean bad news for Spoby.

3. While getting closer to Jonny, Spencer learns that her new friend may know more about Alison than he first let on. They always do, Spencer, they always do.

4. Now that Talia has made her intentions to Emily clear, Emily tries to figure out if she has feelings for Talia or is even ready for a new relationship. Just so we’re ready, Tamily seems like a good ship name.

5. Aria is growing increasingly worried about Mike and his questionable behaviour. Hasn’t Mike’s behaviour always been pretty questionable?

6. After spending weeks lying about his sick father, Holbrook makes his return to Rosewood and the Police Department.

7. In our sneak peek below of Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars, we see Holbrook losing his cool at work. Could this mean Toby hasn’t fully gone to the dark side and maybe stole some files from Holbrook that prove the Detective’s involvement with Alison?

8. We also know that Holbrook is going to expand his stalking from just the Liars to Caleb as well, questioning Caleb about the storage facility. Is anyone else nervous or just us?!

9. As Alison’s trial date approaches, the Liars concern grows over fear that their old friend will increase her efforts to get them locked up right along with her.

10. It’s been a few episodes since we saw any Mona flashbacks, but we’ll finally get some Vanderwaal action on Tuesday’s PLL.

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