Aug.26 / 2014

15 Reasons We’re Excited Caleb is Back On Pretty Little Liars

We know that tonight’s Summer Finale of Pretty Little Liars will feature a huge death and we really don’t know who it is. We’ve guessed (a lot), but with PLL you can never be sure what shocker is in store for fans. One thing we do know is that we’re very relived that Caleb Rivers found his way back to Rosewood from Ravenswood in Episode 5. We missed Haleb.

Our fingers are crossed that Caleb won’t be on tonight’s hitlist, but just in case, we thought this would be a good time to list the reasons we’re thankful Caleb is back on Pretty Little Liars.

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1. He’s not too cool to eat in the cafeteria.

2. He’s nice to his girlfriend’s friends.

3. He can pull off long hair.

4. He’s mastered whispering sweet nothings.

5. He’s not a violent person, but he knows when a dude is in good need of a punch.

6. He can get rid of whatever virus you downloaded when you were trying to buy shoes online.

7. He’s got his shizz together.

8. He’ll help a complete stranger if you ask him, but he may fall in love with her ghost, so be careful with any requests.

9. Even his unimpressed face is hot.

10. Not since MJ has a red leather jacket looked so cool.

11. He looks cool on a swing. Who looks cool on a swing? They do weird things to your butt.

12. He can be a goof.

13. But he knows when it’s time for biz-ness.

14. He can pull off the Johnny Depp ‘stache.

15. But we enjoy it the most when he’s not pulling off any look.

Watch the Summer Finale of Pretty Little Liars tonight at 8E/5P on M3.