Mar.23 / 2015

15 Times Pretty Little Liars Tried To Kill Us

Tomorrow’s season finale of Pretty Little Liars promises to end with the biggest reveAl of the show’s five seasons. ‘A’ will be unmasked, our heads will explode, and Twitter will follow shortly thereafter.

Whatever happens tomorrow night, know that we’re here for you. And know that PLL have done this to us before. Today we’re recapping the 15 times Pretty Little Liars tried to kill us.

Don’t miss the shocking reveAl in tomorrow night’s Season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars at 8E/5P exclusively on M3.

15. Mr. Fitz

In the first episode of Season 1 we saw Aria meet Ezra and then later meet Mr. Fitz. The homeroom shocker was our first clue that this show was going to eff with our emotions and offer zero apologies.

14. Don’t Go To Ravenswood

Our experiences with Ravenswood have been nothing short of terrifying. In a single visit, Emily is almost sawed in half and Hanna gets lost in a haunted house. We’re pretty sure the stress of these episodes aged us a few years.

13. I Hate New York

Even though the Liars are always extremely well dressed, it’s not because they spend weekends in New York City shopping. Instead, time spent in NYC consists of watching Ezra get shot and then Aria killing Shana.

12. Mrs. DiLaurentis’ Death

Just like her daughter a few years earlier, Mrs. DiLaurentis is killed in the Hastings backyard and buried there. Why does anyone live in Rosewood? We still have no idea.

11. Crazy Car Ride

When ‘A’ smashes a car through the Field’s house it becomes very obvious that families are not untouchable. This is why we can’t have nice things in Rosewood.

10. Hanna Gets Hit

Just as Hanna thinks she’s figured out who’s behind ‘A’, she’s hit by a car. This could possibly point to why Hanna often tries to come off as ditzy, but is able to get into Ivy League Schools. Keep your smarts to yourself in Rosewood.

9. Halloween Train Ride

The Halloween Train Ride started off so promising with Adam Lambert performing and then went full throttle on horror-mode when Aria was trapped inside a coffin with a newly murdered Garrett. See you in my nightmares, PLL!

8. Mona’s Lair

The moments leading up to Mona landing in Radley were some of the most terrifying we’ve ever seen on PLL. Not only did we figure out that Mona was ‘A’ (sorta) at the exact same time as Spencer, but then we had to watch in terror as Mona tried to push Spencer off a cliff.

7. The Cabin Fire

The night Mona was going to finally reveal ‘A’ to Spencer and Toby was the same night she admitted she didn’t know who ‘A’ was. What a letdown. On the other hand, Mona admitted this while she and the Liars were trapped inside a burning cabin, so that was exciting. Alison showed up and managed to pull everyone to safety, only to disappear as soon as the girls were outside the building.

6. Toby’s ‘Death’

After learning that Toby was ‘A’, a distraught Spencer spent a night crying outside of his apartment begging him to tell her she was wrong. Instead, ‘A’ planted a lookalike dead biker in the forest for Spencer to find, sending her already fragile state completely off the deep end and landing herself in the Radley Sanitarium.

5. Ian’s Final Fall

At the end of Season 1 we had our first experience with a PLL finale and learned that they are not for the faint of heart. While attempting to hunt down Spencer and kill her in the church, Ian is killed after ‘A’ pushes him from the bell tower and saves Spencer. This episode showed us that PLL was Game of Thrones’ing before Game of Thrones. Characters can and will die at anytime. Don’t get too attached.

4. The Gunshots

During the mid-season finale in Season 3, Emily found out Nate’s real identity after he kidnapped Paige. She managed to shoot and kill him in an act of self defense, but we had to wait months to find out whether Caleb survived the gun shot wound he suffered during Emily and Nate’s fight.

3. Ezra’s Betrayal

Ezra has really hit us hard. For a while we thought he was ‘A’, because you know, the good ones are always closeted psychopaths. Then we found out he had been with Alison before meeting Aria and started his relationship with Aria as research. We felt like trashing Ezra’s apartment right along with Aria.

2. RIP Mona

Just as we started trusting Mona and stopped feeling bad about liking her, she died. See? Game of Thrones.

1. Toby’s ReveAl

Dead, dying, deceased, alive again just so we can die.

Don’t miss the shocking reveAl in tomorrow night’s Season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars at 8E/5P exclusively on M3.