Aug.12 / 2015

17 Things The Pretty Little Liars Finale Got Right (And Wrong)

Last night’s season finale of Pretty Little Liars (read the recap here) followed through on its promise to finally reveal ‘A’ and the answers to questions that have been plaguing fans for six seasons.

Of course, that doesn’t mean everything was tied up in a neat bow. We still don’t know why Mona and Cece went by ‘A’. That’s been driving us nuts for years!

While many of last night’s answers led to ‘A-ha!’ moments, others left us scratching our heads. Here’s what went right on last night’s finale and more importantly, what went wrong.

1. Right: Cece Drake as Charles DiLaurentis

Twitter has been pretty divided over whether or not Cece Drake is the best choice for ‘A’ (Wren is coming in at a close second), but the timing makes sense, as does the motivation for Cece to protect Alison…in a really weird and warped way.

2. Wrong: Bethany Young as Mrs. Cavanaugh’s murderer

Toby was a teenager when his mother died and since Toby and Alison are the same age, Cece is about five years older. In the flashback to Mrs. Cavanaugh’s death, Cece, still Charles at the time is 12 years old. Toby wouldn’t have even been in his teens. The storyline was soooooo close to working…unless it’s another lie. Ack! My brain!

3. Right: Charles being disowned by Mr. DiLaurentis

Sadly, this part of the story line makes sense. The DiLaurentis family had the money to make Charles disappear and Mr. DiLaurentis has never given us the accepting, warm fuzzy vibe.

4. Wrong: Alison’s Jail Term

If Cece’s main goal was to protect Alison, what’s up with her framing Alison for Mona’s murder? Was that just another lesson she was doling out when Alison ‘didn’t listen?’ Alison was attacked in jail on a number of occasions and it appeared that these attacks were ordered by ‘A’ aka Cece, which doesn’t line up with her ‘protective big sister’ story.

5. Right: Sara Harvey as Red Coat and Black Widow

It makes sense that Cece would need an accomplice for her master plan and for the billionth time, we never trusted Sara. Still, we have so many questions about Sara. How did she and Cece meet? Did she fake her own kidnapping? Where was she hiding during the two years she was supposed to be in the Dollhouse? Is Claire a real friend or someone else Cece hired?

6. Wrong: Mrs. DiLaurentis’ affairs

In last night’s finale we learned that Bethany was out to get Mrs. DiLaurentis after discovering she was having an affair with Bethany’s father. Okay, that makes sense. What we still don’t get is Jason being the result of an affair between Mr. Hastings and Mrs. DiLaurentis. The DiLaurentis family didn’t move to Rosewood until after Charles was placed in Radley and Jason was about three years old by then.

7. Right: Mona hit Bethany

As much as we’ve tried to forgive Mona, she did spend years stalking the girls and yes, even trying to hit Hanna with her car. The flashbacks have definitely shown how Alison’s bullying played a huge role in Mona’s violent outbursts and it made sense that she would try to hurt Alison, but Mona hitting Bethany by mistake and Cece hitting Alison by mistake? Someone needs to open an optometry practice in Rosewood, stat!

8. Wrong: What about Shana?

Shana hated the Liars because she believed they were behind blinding Jenna. She later set the fire at the lodge after Cece and Mona had lured the girls there. Isn’t that kind of a huge coincidence? What’s the likelihood there were THAT many evil masterminds all targeting the girls?

9. Right: Time to move on

The ‘teenage girls’ are looking older and older every season and we think the time hop will be a great way to breathe fresh life into the series.

10. Wrong: What happened to Cece and Sara?

Last night’s finale ended with Emily reporting that Sara was being released from the hospital. We assume she was being held in the psych ward, unless Emily’s punch was way harder than we thought. But what about Cece? Is she awaiting trial? Back at Radley? Did she escape the Rosewood Police AGAIN?

11. Wrong: The unexplained deaths

We still don’t know who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis, but in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, PLL Executive Producer I. Marlene King explains that Cece did bury her mother. We also learn that Wilden killed Garrett when Garrett threatened to exposed him as a dirty cop. Also, it was Cece who attacked Jason and Emily in the elevator. Um, cool, but shouldn’t this information be included in the show?

12. Wrong: Alison’s Bystanders

Jenna and Wilden both found out that Alison was alive, leading Cece to try to drown Jenna (more information from EW) and eventually kill Wilden. But how did they know about Alison???

13. Wrong: Cece and Jason together

Mrs. DiLaurentis found out her secret daughter was dating her son and let them spend an entire summer together. What. The. Hell.

14. Wrong: Ian killed himself

Again, according to the EW article, Ian falling from the Bell Tower didn’t kill him, so he later killed himself and Mona staged his body. I don’t like to throw the L word around, but this literally makes zero sense.

15. Wrong: What about LA?

Aria won a summer internship in LA and was supposed to leave the day after graduation, but there she was in Rosewood at the end of the summer to say goodbye to her friends. Maybe she went to LA and came back for the last of her skull skirts, but it felt like something that was a big part of this season’s story line and could have easily been clarified.

16. Wrong: The moms

Ummm…did they get out of the DiLaurentis’ basement?

17. Right: I think we got troll’d

A few weeks ago, Reddit blew up when a reportedly disgruntled former PLL crew member was fired for failing a drug test. The former employee ‘spilled’ all the PLL secrets, with King even responding on her Instagram account. All of the secrets ended up being false, meaning the employee was a faker acting on their own volition or, and here’s where we’d be really impressed, PLL fans got troll’d by the show to throw us off the scent. Well played.

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