Oct.22 / 2014

22 Things We Learned During The Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special

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While we’ve come to expect the residents of Rosewood to don their best costumes for a night of murder and mystery every Halloween, this year the Producers changed things up.

Last night marked the first Pretty Little Liars Halloween special of its kind, with cast interviews, tell-alls from crew members, and a few special screaming fans.

Check out what we learned during We Love You To DeAth and click here to watch it again!

1. Mona loves ink. While her tattoos were never visible in the show, actress Janel Parrish is maybe a little more ‘bad girl’ Mona than we thought.


2. Troian Bellisario knew the show was popular when she got recognized in a grocery store in the back woods of Canada. Eh? Eh!


3. The girls favourite messages from ‘A’ have been inside Hanna’s tooth and the corset filled with bones.


4. Many crew members got sick during the Halloween train episode because of the train rocking back and forth.


5. Sasha Pieterse hated having the Alison mask made. She said she felt claustrophobic during the process.


6. Lucy Hale and Ian Harding no longer worry about brushing their teeth before an Ezria make out scene. Um, that’s love?


7. Lucy Hale’s most awkward scene was this one, where she was almost completely topless in front of co-star Ian Harding.


8. IRL, Spoby are more like brother and sister. Probably good news for Troian’s real-life fiancé Patrick J. Adams.


9. The set designers put ‘A’ Easter eggs in many scenes. The fire at the lodge even spelled ‘A’.


10. The Radley set was used to create the catacombs the girls get lost in during the Ravenswood episode.


11. The dead Alison doll started off as a Christmas doll. More like ChristmAs, amirite?


12. The actress who plays Mrs. Grunwald does not wear contacts. Intense eyes!


13. Janel Parrish felt like she was going a little bit insane while shooting scenes as Mona in the Radley psych ward.


14. Bryce Johnson called his character Detective Creepy Pants. Totally fitting.


15. Johnson revealed that playing dead is very easy on PLL. His coffin came equipped with a pillow. Lovely!


16. The graves dug for Alison and Mrs. DiLaurentis in the Hastings backyard were actually six feet deep.


17. It’s very rare to have a stunt person on set, with the actors taking on most of their own stunts.


18. Troian Bellisario and Ashley Benson are the only two liars who know ‘A’s identity.


19. I. Marlene King has confirmed that ‘A’s identity will be revealed before Season 7 starts.


20. Yani Gellman aka Garrett is now rocking Caleb Season 4 hair. We like it.


21. If Pretty Little Liars were to film an episode on location, the girls would like Europe, a sunny island, or Nashville (Lucy Hale).

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22. The Pretty Little Liars Christmas Special How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas will air Tuesday, December 9 at 8E/5P on M3 and yes, it will finally snow in Rosewood!