Jul.9 / 2014

5 Moments We Haven’t Recovered From After Last Night’s PLL

Last night’s 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars (watch here) still has us reeling. There was romance. There was betrayal. There were threats. There were people fleeing. There was even an exploding house.

As usual, Pretty Little Liars did not disappoint. Here are our five moments from last night’s episode that we still haven’t recovered from.

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1. The Hook Ups

I don’t think anyone is overly shocked that Ezria has risen from the ashes. Even when Aria received the devastating blow in Season 4 that Ezra first began dating her to get close to Alison, even writing a book about it, we still thought there was a good chance they’d get back together. In true Ezria fashion, their friendship brought them together again, making us feel less gross that their relationship began in a very illegal and icky way.


2. The Slaps Heard ‘Round Rosewood

Yes, this is a show where teenage girls and sometimes teenage boys and sometimes adults try to, well, kill each other. There’s really no way to say that nicely. People have been shot, they’ve been pushed off churches, they’ve been run over by cars. Rosewood is a rough place, what can we say? But the slap down between Mona and Alison made us do a double jump.

3. The Return of Caleb and Jenna

We’ve known for a while now that Caleb Rivers would be making his way home from Ravenswood (let us give thanks), but the return of Jenna was quite a shocker.

Even more shocking? Jenna and Mona, along with new girl Sydney, are teaming up to take down Alison. We know Jenna and Mona’s beef with Ali, but what’s up with Sydney? And who were the three girls waiting to meet with before the camera pans away (damn those camera pans!)?

4. Mrs. Hastings On The Run

The Hastings have always been the family that say a lot without actually saying anything. It took 100 episodes to finally get something semi-concrete, but we’ll take it! Mrs. DiLaurentis hired a Private Investigation. The PI has been following Melissa and Mr. Hastings. The father/daughter duo said they were at a diner the night Mrs. DiLaurentis was killed and buried in their backyard. They PI confirmed they are lying about their whereabouts that night. That’s all we’ve got, but it’s something, and whatever Mrs. Hastings isn’t saying is enough to make her pack Spencer up and get her out of the gorgeous house (ugh, that kitchen, amirite?).

5. The Explosion

Toby and Jenna’s house was blown up on last night’s Pretty Little Liars. The show literally blew up a house. That’s badass. Thankfully, the cast posted lots of cool behind the scenes pics on this incredible stunt.