Mar.3 / 2015

5 Questions We Have For Tonight’s Pretty Little Liars ‘To Plea Or Not To Plea’

We only have three more episodes of Pretty Little Liars left before the shocking Season 5 finale on Tuesday, March 24th and we still have so many questions yet to be answered.

To prepare for tonight’s brand new episode of PLL airing at 8E/5P exclusively on M3, we’re taking a look at some of our biggest questions we hope will be answered in To Plea Or Not To Plea.

1. Spoby

As if Spencer’s kiss two weeks ago with Jonny wasn’t enough to force Spoby fans into a panic, on tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Melissa and Wren’s flatmate Colin is taking it upon himself to be Spencer’s tour guide to London. We have a feeling his tour may conclude with a visit to his bedroom. Is this the end of Spoby?

2. Ezria

The hits just keep on coming tonight! As if the fate of Spoby isn’t enough to keep us up all week, now we have Ezria to worry about as well. After Aria’s kiss last week with Andrew, she has to decide whether to end things with Ezra or keep Ezria alive.

3. Does Alison know who she’s scared of?

Tonight’s episode of PLL features something we don’t normally see - a terrified Alison. Usually it’s Ali doing the terrorizing, but now that she’s locked up with limited resources, ‘A’ is having a field day with tiny barrels and dust notes. We know that Mona didn’t know ‘A’s identity and we’re kinda iffy on Cyrus, but does Alison actually know who she’s running from?

4. Where’s Caleb?

In the sneak peek below of tonight’s episode, Hanna looks upset with someone who could possibly be Caleb. We didn’t see Mr. Rivers last week and it looks like he may have been busy interfering with ‘A’.

5. Will we see Melissa and Wren?

Spencer is still in London during tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars which means we still have a chance to see Melissa and Wren. Sure, Melissa usually speaks in code, but the last time we heard from her was her long video message to Spencer. Could she give us some clues as to ‘A’s identity? As for Wren, he’s never very helpful, but he sure is cute.

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