Jul.17 / 2014

5 Things You’ll Learn While Watching Candidly Nicole on M3

Reality star, author, fashion icon, entrepreneur, and all around good-time, Nicole Richie has taken her sarcasm, wit and humour and gained four million Twitter followers and a hilarious new show. Candidly Nicole is set to premiere this Tuesday at 9E/6P on M3 following Pretty Little Liars at 8E/5P and we cannot wait!

Based on her web series, Candidly Nicole follows Richie as she takes on the big and little questions in life, whether it’s how to not pick up men or how to be hip hop. With each episode of Candidly Nicole, the TV personality will instill life lessons on viewers. We’re just not sure you should follow them all.

Watch the premiere of Candidly Nicole this Tuesday, July 22 at 9E/6P on M3 and check out five of our favourite Candidly Nicole lessons.

1. Piercing Pointers
Lessons Learned: Piercing hurts less when you scream and no matter how you make your living, you’re going to come across a few d**ks in life.

2. Born to Dance
Lessons Learned: The twerk is the horniest dance and the Macarena is the most desperate.

3. Selfie How To
Lessons Learned: You can tell someone’s future by the shape of their bowel movement.

4. CLASSberg Is In Session
Lessons Learned: Leave a party when you’re having fun and always bring a gift for the party-thrower. Specifically, a book you’ve written.

5. First Date Outfits
Lessons Learned: Women should not wear harem pants in front of a man they’re dating until they are legally bound together.