Mar.10 / 2016

5 Twin Theories For Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars Finale

After six seasons of black hoods, blonde wigs, red coats, and lots of wandering into the woods with no cell reception, Tuesday’s season finale of Pretty Little Liars will answer a very big question; who has a twin?

Sara Shepard’s bestselling book series on which the Pretty Little Liars tv show is based introduced a twin early on, giving Alison DiLaurentis a sister named Courtney. In the book series, Alison framed her identical twin as being mentally unstable and had her committed to Radley Sanitarium for three years. Upon Courtney’s release, Alison killed her and buried her under a gazebo.

The TV series has followed a different route, with Alison’s transgender brother Charles becoming her sister Charlotte, a girl who befriends Alison and later kidnaps Alison’s friends and holds them in a dollhouse. Charlotte or Cece also dies after spending years in Radley and then a different pysch ward, but is killed after being struck in the head and thrown from the bell tower, which has not yet been removed from Rosewood. Seriously, how many people have to die near that thing before it’s knocked down? They must be close to whatever number of deaths has is the rule.

While the TV series has veered drastically from Shepherds book, a twin is going to finally be introduced, this according to Executive Producer I Marlene King. The reveal has been teased on King’s Instagram page, with posts like this:

Soon. So soon. #Twins on #prettylittleliars. #prettylittletwins

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So, it must be one of the Liars, right? Not necessarily. Also, the picture of the twins with black eyes is terrifying.

Happy Pretty Little Liars Day. #prettylittletwins

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So who could be the character with the long lost twin? Of course with PLL, the safe answer is ‘anyone’. But we’ve made a few educated guesses.

5. Ezra

We like Ezra. We really do. After many seasons of being creeped out by the fact that he was a teacher who was clearly violating every code and law by dating his student, there’s now been a five year time hop and everyone is legal. We know that Ezra Fitz is really Ezra Fitzgerald, a writer from a very wealthy family whose parents paid to cover up a secret child Fitz had with his ex-girlfriend, although it wasn’t actually his kid. Rich people who like secrets could totally be hiding a twin. Another Ezra? Hot damn!

4. Emily

What do we really know about Emily’s family? She’s an only child (allegedly) and her father recently died, likely because of his job with the army. Likely. We don’t actually know what happened to Emily’s dad. Could an evil twin have reaped revenge on the father that gave them away?

3. Mona

Mona’s family is probably the biggest mystery on Pretty Little Liars. We met her mom in Season 5, but that’s about it for the Vanderwaals. Mona’s brilliance gives Ivy League-Spencer a run for her money, so a second Mona could totally have the brain power to pull off a murder or a blackmailing…or both.

2. Spencer

The only family with more secrets than the DiLaurentis clan is the Hastings. Whether it’s covering up for Melissa after she murdered Bethany or covering up for Spencer when they thought she murdered Alison, the Hastings shadiness runs as high as their leather riding boots. Now that the picture-perfect family is running for office, a secret twin may be back, which would explain why Veronica Hasting’s election for State Senate is being used as the countdown clock.

1. Alison

In the book series it’s Alison who hides her twin Courtney and then kills her. While it seems unlikely that Alison would have two secret siblings, we do know that her mother, Jessica DiLaurentis, hid Charlotte for years and had an affair with Spencer’s father that resulted in Jason. So we’re not putting much past the dead woman. Jessica could have also been hiding a twin and that person is the new ‘A’ and wants to know who killed their sister Charlotte.

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