Mar.17 / 2015

5 Ways You Are Not Ready For Tonight’s Pretty Little Liars

Tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars is our final look at Rosewood before next week’s shocking season finale. We’re about to get verdict on Alison’s trial, but are we ready for what we may see tonight? No, but we’re totally going to watch it anyways.

5. The end of Spoby

So far this season we’ve been forced to endure the end of Paily and the end of Ezria. How much more can we take? Judging by the sneak peek of tonight’s episode and of course by all the kissing of random boys Spencer’s been doing, it looks like we may also have to endure the end of Spoby. Are we ready for that? Short answer: No. Long answer: Noooooooo!!!

4. Only one liar going free

Going into tonight’s episode we know that Alison and Hanna are both behind bars. Hanna’s freedom is tied to Alison, but what if ‘A’s plans includes letting only one of them out of jail? And what if the person staying behind is Hanna?! Sure, Alison is being really nice now, but we know where our allegiance lies. Team Marin FTW.

3. Another arrest

Tonight’s episode will mainly focus on Alison’s trial, but that doesn’t mean the Rosewood Police Department will be too busy to arrest someone else. With everyone a suspect, could we see one of the Liars or possibly Caleb, Ezra or Mike ending up in cuffs? We’re getting stressed out just thinking about it.

2. Call 911

Spencer landed in Radley, Hanna was hit by a car, Caleb and Ezra have both been shot, and most recently Toby broke his leg in an accident. It’s been a while since a main castmember was clinging to life, which means we’re due for another ‘will they/won’t they make it’ scenario.

1. Not enough answers

There’s a very real possibility that we could reach the end of Alison’s trial and not have an answer about her future. We could totally see the PLL writers shocking us with new evidence that causes a delay in the trial, leaving us on the edge of our seats until next week’s finale.

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