Mar.14 / 2016

6 Questions We Have For Tomorrow’s Season 6 Finale Of Pretty Little Liars

Questions M3

If tomorrow’s season finale of Pretty Little Liars is anything like the five finales that came before it, we know that in addition to some big cliffhangers, we’re going to end the season with even bigger questions. Why do you play with us, PLL?

The second half of Season 6 has focused on a five year time hop, with the Liars finally looking age-appropriate in their six inch heels and showing off their new careers and new relationships. All of this newness has included a new murder and new ‘A’, which means a new mystery to solve.

Time to swap partners with your besties and take out your cell phones - we have some questions for tomorrow’s finale.

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6. Relationship Statuses

Emily’s love life appears to be in the tank while Aria’s is undoubtedly going to self-implode into a triangle of Ezra versus Liam that will definitely end in the rebirth of Ezria. But what we really want to know is what’s going to happen with Hanna? She’s intent on making things as uncomfortable as possible for Spencer and Caleb, while risking jail time in order to avoid marrying Jordan. Plus, her living situation with Lucas is officially weird. We want tomorrow’s season finale to conclude with a relationship status update, Marin-styles.

5. Who Has A Twin?

We’re finally getting a twin in tomorrow’s season finale and while we have a few guesses (check them out here), it could be anyone. Literally. That’s what makes mysteries in Rosewood so difficult to solve. Everyone is really, really shady.

4. Is Anyone Going Back To Work?

Like, ever? Aria seems to have been given the sweet deal of moving from assistant to author in a day, we assume Spencer has quit her job on Capital Hill to have lunch with Yvonne on behalf of her mom, Emily is selling eggs instead of serving a few lattes, and Hanna has been gifted her own company thanks to Lucas not be able to let go of a crush. But are any of them actually collecting a pay cheque? How is this different than high school?

3. What’s The Deal With Sara Harvey?

Besides the fact that we really don’t know why Sara Harvey became Charlotte’s second in ‘A’ command or why she cared about torturing girls she had never met, how does she have the money to pay a driver, stay at the Radley, and get spa treatments without a job? Plus how does she afford for all those gloves? Is she hiding family money, like Ezra? Is her name really Sara Harveygerald?

2. Who Killed Charlotte?

Talk about someone who was wanted dead by an entire town, minus Alison. Actually, we’re not even sure about Alison. Never trust a DiLaurentis. That’s our motto.

1. Who Cares Who Killed Charlotte?

Possibly even more interesting than who killed Charlotte is who wants to know? Other than Alison, Charlotte’s contact list was non-existent. Mr. DiLaurentis and Jason have cut her out of their lives and as per Question Three, we’re still not sure which team Sara Harvey is playing for. She willingly helped Charlotte act as ‘A’, but then seemed to distance herself from the troubled woman after the dollhouse plan imploded. So, who is bothering to care about dead Charlotte?