Jan.1 / 2016

A How-To Guide On Hiking As Told By Taylor Swift’s ‘Out Of The Woods’ Video

If 2015 was the year of 1989 it only makes sense that it should end with a new video from Taylor Swift. Dropping her video for Out Of The Woods, the sixth video off the album, with only a few minutes before midnight last night, Swift unleashed a visual guide to Hiking With Taylor.

Swift teamed up with her Bad Blood, Blank Space and Wildest Dream director Joseph Kahn for Out Of The Woods, which had the pop singer covering some rough terrain on location in New Zealand.

In a blue Cinderella-inspired dress (pre-fairygodmother intervention), Swift runs through hot and cold climates while taking inspiration from Cheryl Strayed’s Wild and hiking herself rid of an ex (most common guess - Harry Styles).

Swift flexes her acting muscles in the new video, which stars the pop singer solo, sans her usual hot male leads and #Squad. The video is bookended with white font on a black screen reading “She Lost Him” and ending with “But She Found Herself And Somehow That Was Everything”, a line that was taken from the linear notes of 1989.

Every Taylor Swift video comes with a few lessons, and Out Of The Woods is no exception. Here’s how to hike according to T Swizzle.

Wear minimal make up because #sweat.

Shoes are optional if you’re a badass.

Don’t be scared of vines that are growing approximately one foot every five seconds. They just add ambiance.

Wolves are super chill.

Run in slow motion so wolves have a chance to rip your dress in a perfectly straight line.

Bella Swan wishes.

Pack lightly. Really lightly.

Dress for the weather you want it to be.

This is what frostbite would look like if you were a Disney Princess/Taylor Swift.

This is what mud would look like if you were in a Disney Princess/Taylor Swift.

Do not be startled by your doppelganger while on a hike.

Lay down and pant heavily to dry off after a swim.

When all else false, strike a pose.

Or two.

Or three.

Or four.

Just never stop posing.

Check out Taylor Swift in Out Of The Woods below!