Mar.7 / 2016

Alessia Cara Hangs With Her Squad In ‘Wild Things’

Wild Things M3

In 2015, a lot of attention was paid to the onslaught of Canadian talent taking over music charts around the world. For the first time ever, Canadians occupied the top three spots on the Billboard 100 Chart, thanks to Drake, Justin Bieber, and The Weeknd. While all three artists enjoyed arguably the best year in their careers, they weren’t alone.

Heartthrob Shawn Mendes scored an opening spot on Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour and released two albums in one year, including Handwritten and later Handwritten Revisited.

But just to be clear, the women of Canada didn’t take the year off.

Carly Rae Jepsen’s EMOTION consistently found itself on every top album list of 2015 and rightly so. Unfortunately, while Jepsen finally received the critical acclaim she so deserved, her album sales did not match the caliber of music she released in 2015.

One Canadian artist that did seem to achieve the trifecta of critical acclaim, solid album sales, and likability is newcomer Alessia Cara. Thanks to posing with Drake, getting invites from Taylor Swift, receiving the cover treatment from Troye Sivan, and dropping her solid debut album Know-It-All full of quality pop tracks, Cara quickly became the most exciting new artist of the past twelve months. With her debut single Here, Cara picked up where New Zealand teen Lorde and her single Royals left off, giving teens and young adults a battle cry for those who would rather sit out the red solo cup generation and forge their own path.

Now Cara has taken time out of her packed North American tour schedule to release her new music for Wild Things. If there was any fear that fame would remove the wide-eyed relateability of the young singer, it appears to instead have made her even more genuine.

Kicking off with a voice-over from Alessia, the teen explains her song by saying “To me, Where the Wild Things Are is a place that exists in our minds. It’s a place of liberty and shamelessness.”

Starring Cara and her own group of friends, the teens hang out in a basement, ride shopping carts around a parking lot, and responsibly set off fireworks. Few artists have the ability to make growing up actually look fun, but Cara amazingly achieves that feat both with her lyrics and now with her pro-be-yourself video. Think of the video for Here, but with people you like and actual fun being had.

Wild Things was shot in and around Toronto, with scenes of Chinatown, the Toronto beaches, and the skyline of the city visible throughout. The suburbs scenes look like they may have been shot in Cara’s hometown of Brampton, located just outside of Toronto. The new video was shot by Toronto director Aaron A, best known for his high energy party videos for Down With Webster.

Check out Alessia Cara’s video for Wild Things and don’t miss her performance at the 2016 JUNO Awards on Sunday, April 3 starting at 8E/5P on CTV and CTV GO.