Feb.22 / 2016

Alison Reveals Her Betrayal In This Look At Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars

On last Tuesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars (watch Where Somebody Waits For Me here), viewers were left with the cliffhanger reveal of Spencer and Caleb finding Melissa’s broken suitcase and possible Charlotte DiLaurentis murder weapon.

Now that we’re in Season 6 and Melissa is back to being Murder Suspect #1 (or are we back in Season 3?), Spencer again has the difficult decision of whether or not to confront her sister. We’re gonna assume she will, but not for another five episodes.

In this look at tomorrow’s brand new episode of PLL, Melissa’s involvement is questioned (well, if Hanna thinks she did it then we should lock her up, right?) and Alison reveals that Charlotte totally knew she was hooking up with Dr. Rollins. Charlotte felt betrayed by Alison for the millionth time, which could have led to a confrontation with Dr. Rollins, who then killed Charlotte. Or Alison killed her sister. Just throwing it out there.

Plus, it looks like it’s Emily’s turn to get hit by a car. Spencer and Hanna already completed their mandatory car-impact scene. Emily must have drawn the short stick this season.

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