Feb.23 / 2015

Aria Lawyers-Up In This Scene From Tomorrow’s Pretty Little Liars

On tomorrow’s brand new episode of Pretty Little Liars, the happiness that Aria felt after learning that her little brother Mike is not involved with ‘A’ has now been replaced by a feeling of dread over Alison sitting in jail for a crime she didn’t commit. Aria knows that she has to help make things right and get Alison cleared of Mona’s murder charge, but how does she do that and keep her brother safe?

Thankfully, Spencer’s mother is a lawyer. Unfortunately, she’s also working with Alison DiLaurentis’ legal team. In this scene from tomorrow’s episode, Aria pays a fee for lawyer/client priveleges. We’re not sure one dollar is going to be able to compete with whatever Mr. DiLaurentis is paying Spencer’s mother.

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