Jul.28 / 2014

Become An Intern At Much

Do you have what it takes to be a Much intern?

Much is looking for the best and the brightest to intern for them this fall and we want you to apply now!

Now this isn’t a job that’ll get you face-to-face with the stars, chilling with Katy Perry, or sippin’ coffee beside Ed Sheeran. It’s a job that is hard, has long hours, and is at sometimes weird (we might actually need to dress you up in en elephant costume*), but is definitely worth every second, working alongside the best in the industry. And the even better part? You don’t need to be an expert at grabbing coffee. You just gotta be ready to work. Hard.

Remember: THIS HAS TO BE FOR POST-SECONDARY SCHOOL CREDIT. Also, you must be able to work at our offices at 299 Queen Street West and unfortunately we can’t fly you out here if you live far away like in Vancouver and let you stay on our couch the entire time, so there’s that to consider. And you must be ready for anything.

Think you got it in you to intern for Much? Head over to our intern site at to find out more on how to apply. Now go! We’re looking for you! But more importantly, Much Digital is looking for interns for 2014. Go to and make sure you select the digital department and the term you are looking for!

*Much interns will also have the opportunity to help out at M3 as well.