Environment and Technology


As the interest in environmental issues rise as a result of ever-more-frequent disastrous weather events, also becomes manifest that the separation in public mind between technology and environmentalism. There are some men and women who wish to listen to nothing about the environment and create continuous claims that caring for the world is bad for the market. Additionally, there are people who believe that science, technology and business are evil and need to come back to the land. Both are in grave error.

The first group is incorrect for a simple and obvious reason that healthy environment is essential for a livable world. Without such, the quality of life will vastly decrease, whatever is made by the economy. With island nations sinking to the sea, oceans turning to acid, coastal regions being flooded, and all types of catastrophic weather events taking place, what is threatened isn’t only lives of a huge number of individuals but also the quality of life for the remainder. Since the assumption of economics is improving people’s presence, this state of affairs puts a lie to this claim for as long as those who claim to be interested in economic well-being remain aggressively uninterested in the health of the environment.

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The next group can be in the wrong. A full-scale move to the property by all or vast majority of humanity isn’t a feasible alternative. Subsistence agriculture can’t support anything near the current world population, and if anything were to transpire then a huge part of the planet’s population would perish. So that while a restricted movement to existence outside the industrial market is possible, the primitivist solution isn’t feasible for nearly all the planet’s population.

The actual solution is using intellect, science and technology to provide for economics in a manner that doesn’t harm the planet, or hurts it less, than do current practices. In this way, the environment and the economy can continue to exist. People’s financial well-being can improve, and the entire world can be restored to health, leading to a vast and continuing improvement in well-being. And this advancement will be guiltless and actually positive as the present polluting technology are replaced with ones that aren’t polluting or polluting. And although some might say that technology has created the issue, the solution is that it was incorrect technology that created the issue, whereas right technology is going to be the solution.

One such sustainable technology is called the Hydrogen Transmission Network (HTN). Solar energy will induce electrolysis of sea water; hydrogen in the response will then be sent through pipes everywhere to be answered on the place with oxygen in the atmosphere and make on-demand abundant guiltless clean energy and clean water. People’s financial well-being will continue to improve; the environment is going to be cured of the blight of carbon emissions and nuclear waste. Both expensive and inefficient infrastructures – electrical grid and water delivery system – will be replaced with a single network of hydrogen pipes, and from the unwieldy mixture of coal, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants that the energy will be generated by a single or several ocean-side electrolysis plants.

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Blaming the issue on technology or science or business isn’t right. What’s to be blamed is poor technology, poor practices, and inattention to what science has known for three years. The problems of awful technology and poor practices are solved by appropriate technology and appropriate practices. Doing that will produce real sustainable solutions for humankind. The individuals who wish to stay outside of technology needs to be able to do so without being criminalized or harassed. For everyone else, there’s sustainable technology like the Hydrogen Transmission Network.

This way, economy can keep growing, purposeful choice of lifestyles could be reality for individuals, and environment stands to be restored to health.

And that’s a worthy future toward which to operate.

Environment Friendly Fuel and Energy Sources


Today, more than ever, people are becoming more worried about the environment. A growing number of people have expressed their attention on other sources of fuel and energy so as to contribute and foster a cleaner environment.

Solar panels are amazing sources of energy, especially for the remote areas where power isn’t widely available. We used to complain a lot about the heat coming from sunlight. We could put it to good use with the solar power technology getting increasingly more readily available to the consuming public.

With solar panels, the risk of power shortage and outage could be reduced to a greater extent when there’s solar power technology as an alternate source of energy. In actuality, it’s about time that we need to search for ways to make this solar power technology to become the chief source of energy so that finally we do not become overly affected by the increase in fuel prices in the industry. If majority people would get this solar technology useful and use it, we can help reduce gas use and eventually help provide cleaner air and environment.

If you’re interested in ways to help achieve clean air and a clean environment, then you need to try investing on biodiesel to your fuel requirements. When before, you’re only familiar with petroleum diesel to power and operate vehicles, biodiesel is an environment friendly alternative since it’s not in any way toxic. If you’re going to read more about the biodiesel process, you’ll be more comfortable with the expression’transesterification’. With biodiesel, you do not need to worry if we run out of oil diesel. We can only anticipate better production of biodiesel and it will become the most promising source of fuel in the entire world.

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It’s a fantastic thing that solar panels and therefore are now available for people to use. Hopefully, these two hot fuel and energy resources will create more demand in the marketplace as more people become knowledgeable what is happening with our environment.

Strategies For a Greener Technology Environment


How green is the technology? Do you use recycled paper? Can you dispose of your old computer equipment in a green and earth friendly way? These are merely two of the things which you can do to be more environmental conscious.

Some of the most common things one can tackle to be more environmental conscious and become a greener business, are: (1) Use recycled printer paper, (2) Refill or recycle printer cartridges and (3) Better computer use.

Among the simplest ways in greening your business environment is to use recycled printer paper. Not all recycled printer paper are great, so when purchasing such printer paper, be certain to buy paper that doesn’t use a chlorine procedure during the making of this paper, because these chemicals are also bad for the environment. Using recycled printer paper will go a long way in conserving trees and the environment.

Another easy means of greening your environment is by recycling or refilling printer cartridges. From the early 1990’s, it was common practice to discard printer cartridges without thinking to much about its impact on the environment. But with the development from the printer cartridge business, it has become easy to refill your printer cartridges. It’s also more cost effective. An individual must just ensure to follow directions carefully, in order to not damage the cartridge, which might also damage your printer. When recycling printer cartridges, take it to the local computer shop. They generally have proper recycling procedures in place.

Being a little more aware in how you utilize a computer, can have a massive effect on the environment, particularly in the use of electricity. Some of the ways to conserve electricity are:

  • As soon as your computer is not being used, which it off in the wall plug, as it consume phantom electricity if switched on in the wall plug, i.e. the display and other little lights on the computer.
  • Permit the power saving settings on your computer and configure these properly for the periods once your computer is not being used.
  • If at all you can, use a notebook or laptop, as they may use around 50% less power than a desktop.
  • Use blank screen savers (black), as this would not emit any light, where as any animated screensavers absorb unnecessary power

Using recycled printer paper, refilling or recycling printer cartridges and being more aware in using your computer might appear to have little effect if someone does it, but with the increasing number of technology users, if most of us start adopting these strategies, it’s going to have a massive impact on the environment.

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