Jul.18 / 2015

Charles Makes His Return In This Look At Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars

Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars ended with Spencer having a Rain Man moment when she glanced at some children’s blocks and figured out that the person holding them captive was named Charles.

Since then, we’ve learned that Charles was Jason and Alison’s older brother and was sent to Radley as a child. According to Mrs. DiLaurentis, Charles died when he was 16, but according to Leslie Stone, he broke out of Radley the night Bethany Young died and Alison went missing.

Neither Mrs. D nor Leslie Stone are the most reliable sources, but it looks like we’re finally getting an answer to the question ‘will the real Charles DiLaurentis please stand up?’

On Tuesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Charles has promised to return to Rosewood to celebrate his birthday and kill Mr. DiLaurentis. Interesting party theme.

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