Mar.19 / 2014

Cody Simpson’s new song rides on Beyonce’s catchphrase

Beyonce claimed the word “surfboard” late last year with her hit single Drunk In Love. Memes and jokes have been made, the word is scrawled over her merchandise already and even Bey’s adorable daughter Blue Ivy says it like a catchphrase. That being said, though, pop star and new Dancing With the Stars cast member Cody Simpson wants to challenge Queen Bey. And Simpson does actually surf so that could be an advantage, right?

The singer release his new song Surfboard today and even though music fans are pointing out the similarities in the word’s use in both songs (“She on my surfboard/Go ride it, surfboard,” he sings), Simpson claims that this was all a coincidence.

“Everyone was like, ‘Beyonce did that’ and I had the idea for a while,” he told MTV in a new interview. “And then Beyonce’s came out and I absolutely love that song, but when I heard it I didn’t know if it was going to affect my idea at all.”

Simpson adds that he recorded the song before Beyonce put hers out, but that he’ll just “go along with it now,” since it’s become such a big part of pop culture.

Still, though, whose song do you thing rule the waves?


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