Apr.1 / 2014

Dancing With the Stars’ week three recap: nostalgia, tears and Billy Dee’s surprise exit

In M3’s weekly recap of Dancing With the Stars, writers Allison Bowsher and Melody Lau (two admitted newcomers to the world of #DWTS) will discuss their thoughts on the night’s performances – with their expertise opinions, of course.

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Allison: Okay, Week 3, here we go! Their introductions are ridiculous, right?

Melody: I know every show has it, but this is why this show is two hours long: unnecessary bits like this.

Allison: Did you see guest judge Robin Roberts catch a bit of elbow from Maks? I instantly feel a connection to her. I feel like we’re kindred spirits of not quite being smooth.

Melody: Smoothness is overrated. I walked out of a coffee shop feeling great yesterday only to trip two steps after that. But let’s get to the most important part of this opening: WHERE IS BILLY DEE? I got that sinking feeling in my stomach and when I saw him sitting backstage, I knew it was over. What’s the point in watching this show anymore.

Allison: Poor Billy Dee has been ordered to stop dancing by his doctor because of chronic lower back pain and has to say goodbye to the show. Everyone else looks genuinely relieved they’re not being sent home.

Melody: What jerks.

Allison: This weeks theme is Most Memorable Year, so expect a lot of crying.

Melody: Okay, I cried.

Allison: James was a heavy kid and got picked on a lot, until 2007 when he lost the weight. He danced to Jimmy Eat World’s The Middle, and he showed his abs, so he gets my vote.

Melody: I know I’ve been hating on him for his confidence, but James got me this week. That, or I just can’t say no to cute guys dressed up as nerds. Either way, great dance! [James’ scores: 9, 9, 9, 9]

Allison: Nene talked about having lots of sex with her first husband, then divorcing him, then making him her second husband. Cool beans.

Melody: And then she dedicated the performance to him and danced with a shirtless Tony. That makes sense.

Allison: It also included a bed on the dance floor, so that was saucy! [Nene’s scores: 8, 7, 8, 8]

Melody: Next is Cody who has clearly had many memorable years in his 17 years of life..

Allison: Cody chose 2010 as his most memorable year, since it was the same year he moved to the US and got a record deal. And not too surprising, his parents are smoking hot. Cody and Witney danced to Cody’s song Surfboard, and it was really good, but I kept getting distracted by feeling like their costumes didn’t match the song. Just me?

Melody: No, it totally made no sense. Also, what great promo for his song, eh? It’s just too cheesy dancing to your own song, in my opinion. Especially a song that sucks.

Allison: Truth time, I love that song.

Melody: Well, ladies and gentlemen, I quit. [Cody’s scores: 9, 8, 9, 9]

Allison: Danica’s performance is dedicated to her late grandmother and her super cute son Draco (Harry Potter fan?). Danica nailed he contemporary routine and frankly it was difficult to tell who was the professional and who was the star.

Melody: Not gonna lie, I definitely cried watching this one. Damn you, emotional episode! Also, Danica and Meryl are now tied as my favourites of the show. [Danica’s scores: 9, 9, 9, 9]

Allison: I’m finally getting used to skinny Drew, especially since he talked about losing the weight because his faher died when he was a child and he wanted to be around for his son. Ugh, tear.

Melody: Most inspiring story of the night. So proud of Drew on this show.

Allison: The dance was beautiful and I think he may be up for most improved star so far. [Drew’s scores: 7, 7, 8, 8]

Melody: Meryl was super shy as a kid, which is something I can always relate to. And if she can break out of her shell and get the season’s first 10’s, then I can definitely achieve the same success. Or at least successfully get out of bed and get my lazy butt to work. Same thing.

Allison: They danced to John Legend’s All of Me and I switched back and forth between thinking about whether they’re a couple and how freaking easy Maks’ job is this season.

Melody: I wanted them to kiss so badly! KISS, KISS, KISS! [Meryl’s scores: 10, 9, 10, 10]

Allison: Amy Purdy made me ugly cry. She talked about the year she lost her legs and survived by receiving a kidney from her father, as well as the first time she danced after losing her legs.

Melody: Another inspiring story. I wasn’t prepared to cry so much! (I also watched How I Met Your Mother after this and balled my eyes out to that too; what a depressing Monday it was).

Allison: I don’t think there was a dry eye in the studio or on my couch after her contemporary routine. And I liked the HIMYM finale, as opposed to the rest of the internetz. [Amy’s scores: 9, 9, 9, 9]

Melody: Here’s my boyfriend bit of the week (regarding Charlie’s Happy performance) – Me: “Whenever I see those happy faces I think I’m high”, BF: “Yep, that’s the point”, Me: “Am I high right now?”, BF: “You’re high off of this performance.”

Allison: Man, I need to start watching with you guys. I’m not getting nearly enough second-hand happy at my place. Charlie used every inch of the studio and his ankles to show how happy he is.

Melody: Oh, we got it. [Charlie’s scores: 9, 9, 9, 9]

Allison: FYI, DJ and Kimmy are still besties, so that’s pretty cool.

Melody: That was my favourite part of the episode, definitely up there with Wayne Brady’s appearance last week. Throwback Mondays!

Allison: Candace and Mark did the jive and I think we now know why Mark kept pushing the contemporary routines. [Candace’s scores: 8, 8, 8, 8]

Melody: Seriously, these judges are just throwing points at contestants now. Except Billy Dee. He would’ve gotten 5’s still. Oh god, I miss him already.

Allison: I got you, boo.