Mar.10 / 2014

Do we already know who ‘A’ is on Pretty Little Liars?

On last Tuesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars (watch episodes online here), Aria said her goodbyes to Ezra and accepted his manuscript as a parting gift. She may be furious with her ex, but she’s not irrational, which thankfully meant she read the book (the suspense would kill me!). In Ezra’s obsessive research on Alison and everyone around her, he may have uncovered the biggest secret of all - Alison’s mother, Mrs. DiLaurentis, is the real ‘A’.

So, what do we think about Mr. Fitz’s research work? Let’s look at the facts.

Pro Theory: We know that Ezra has been nothing if not diligent about his research. He knew everything about Alison’s friends and has kept tabs on the girls, including hidden cameras throughout Rosewood. If something fishy was going on, Ezra would know.

Con Theory: If Mrs. DiLaurentis is ‘A’, why would she not turn Spencer in after she saw Spencer chasing Alison with a shovel the night Alison went missing only to turn around and stalk Spencer and the girls and make their lives hell? She could have saved herself the trouble and given them all up right away.

Pro Theory: Any flashback with Alison and Mrs. DiLaurentis features Alison terrorizing her mother with her tantrums and blackmail. Alison had to learn that behavior from somewhere and maybe it was from her mother.

Con Theory: After Alison’s disappearance, Mrs. DiLaurentis left Rosewood for an extended period of time, but ‘A’ never let up on torturing the girls. Either Mrs. D never actually left Rosewood, or she has an army of ‘A’s everywhere, or it’s not her.

Pro Theory: The girls are constantly being told by ‘A’ to stay away from Alison and stop trying to help her. If Mrs. DiLaurentis is ‘A’ and saw Spencer chasing her daughter with a shovel, she’s obviously not winning Mother Of The Year and could possibly want her daughter as far away from her as possible. Knowing Alison, she may have even been blackmailing her mother. Mrs. DiLaurentis is friends with all the girl’s parents, even having a love child (Jason) with Spencer’s father. This would give her lots of information to use against the girls, especially if she read Alison’s diary. Lastly, Alison has never tried to get in touch with her parents and ask them to protect her, which would normally be the first thing a 14 year old girl would do if someone was after her. Could it be because she needed someone to protect her from her mother?

Con Theory: As it stands, Ezra is suspect number one as far as who we think the real ‘A’ is, giving him cause to point the finger elsewhere.


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