Mar.7 / 2014

Down With Webster retrace their incredible career (so far)

Down With Webster formed in 1998 when the members of the band met at a school battle of the bands, but they have definitely grown and evolved a lot since then. Having bounced between labels and been proposed a lot of opportunities, the band has gained a sense of wisdom and by the time they were legal drinking age, they were turning down deals to work with Gene Simmons and Timbaland.

“We were pretty shrewd at that age,” Camm Hunter told M3 host Matt Wells. They go on to tell Wells a story about their meeting with Simmons and how he pitched a reality show wherein the band would immediately fire one of their members. Encounters don’t get any stranger than that.

Watch the entire interview clip below and be sure to tune into a new episode of the M3 Countdown this Saturday at 6E/3P on M3.


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