Feb.5 / 2016

Enemies Team Up In This Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peek

On the last episode of Pretty Little Liars (catch up here and take the quiz here), the Liars decided that Sara Harvey must be the person behind their latest batch of menacing texts. Sara had private tutoring lessons in How To Torture from Charlotte for years and thanks to Spencer’s sharing is caring motto with Caleb, we know the girls are kinda-sorta responsible for Sara’s hands being burned. Like, they’re not at all, but they think they are and so does Sara, so we’re going with that as Sara’s motive.

In this look at Tuesday’s brand new episode of PLL, Sara has given up trying to work her pixie-cut back into Emily’s bed and is now trying to get buddy-buddy with Alison. For her part, Alison is sending her latest inappropriate boyfriend on a mission to get Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Aria to fill out the ‘Are we still friends? Check the yes or no box’ survey. Ladies, for once, check ‘no’.

Plus, Hanna is searching for plastic spy cams in her cereal box (Hanna, you have to send ten UPC codes away in the mail for those), Aria and Spencer are finding random hands laying around, and Emily is most likely having a nightmare about being in the hospital. Or the egg-retrieval process is terrifying. We’re pretty sure it’s a dream.

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