Jan.22 / 2016

Ezra’s Anger Explodes In This First Look At Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars

PLL 613 Promo M3

In this first look at Tuesday’s brand new episode of Pretty Little Liars, we see that last week’s actions are having some major consequences. *Cue shock face.*


Hanna is back to lying to her mother Ashley about, well, pretty much everything. Specifically, Hanna swears that she didn’t touch the surveillance tapes at Radley Hotel. We know that’s a lie and Hanna quickly erased the tapes and the evidence of Aria leaving the hotel the night Charlotte was killed. Unfortunately for Ashley, Hanna’s lie could cost her the Manager position at Radley and let’s be honest, how many other cool jobs does Rosewood have available right now?

Hanna is also back to looking for help in surprising places and in this sneak peek, we see her going to a man with a closely shaven hairline. That rules out Caleb and Ezra, who are the reigning hipsters of Rosewood. Could this be the return of Hanna’s trusted friend Lucas? We wonder what he’s been up to for the past five years, other than liking all of Hanna’s Instagram pics. We’re 99 per cent sure he’s been doing that.

It’s a good thing Hanna is busy, because she has less time to notice that Spencer and Caleb are together ALL THE TIME. Nothing is official, but it’s time we had this discussion. Spaleb or Cancer?

The girls have decided that this time around they’re not going to let a pesky murder investigation get in the way of the health of their pores. Spa day! Oh, and Emily made someone a tape. She must be referencing a tape from five years ago. #Dropbox2016

Aria’s confession to the other Liars about her whereabouts during Charlotte’s death has led them all to the same name for Suspect Number One: it rhymes with Shmezra. We know that Ezra isn’t in a good place right now and having four heavily coiffed women bombard you with accusations when you haven’t been out of your jammies in three days can lead to a bit of yelling. Or a lot of yelling, in this case. Is Ezra getting hotter as he’s getting darker?

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