Feb.2 / 2015

Find Out Which New Couples Are Hitting The Bedroom On Wednesday’s Reign

On the last episode of Reign (read the recap here and take the quiz here) we saw Mary deal with Conde’s crush on her by pushing him towards Lola. Isn’t it the worst when super hot Lord’s are all over you? Speaking of Lola, it looks like her one-time almost suitor Narcisse has been sprung from jail and it’s not her room he’s visiting for conjugal visits.

In this sneak peek from Wednesday’s brand new Reign, we see that Conde and Lola are up against Narcisse and Claude for the title of the French Court’s hottest new couple. Conde may have a little trouble concentrating on Lola though, since it looks like his brother King Antoine will want his help waging war against Francis and Mary. But let’s remember, this is Conde. He’s a man that can always make time for a hook up. What did they call hooks up in 1558?

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