Aug.21 / 2014

First Look at Tuesday’s Deadly Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale

If there’s ever been a show that should win an award for delivering the dramz with their finales, it’s Pretty Little Liars. Tuesday’s Summer Finale is already promising a huge shocker with one of the main castmembers going six feet under. Pause for a deep breath. Let’s continue.

Of course, death shocker could be anyone (except Aria, Emily, Hanna or Spencer because let’s be real) and we won’t know until Tuesday’s finale at 8E/5P on M3. Until then, let’s look at what we do know about next week’s finale.

Fact One: The girls have finally dropped dead weight (too soon?) Alison, who will turn on them without a second thought. This means they have an open Evil Leader Role in the group, which is the perfect position for Mona.

Also, Mona has a mother! And a living room! And a super cute bedroom! I always assumed she has raised herself in a hotel room surrounded by pictures of Alison.





Fact Two: Aria has amazingly kept her job at Radley, even after giving Rhonda unapproved snackies. Maybe we’ll learn more about Bethany Young, or what happened to Eddie Lamb, or how all of the Pretty Little Liars can go through high school with unpaid volunteer jobs and afford to never repeat an outfit.



Fact Three: Spencer and Mona, the only two people in the PLL world who were patients at Radley, decide to pose as nurses and sneak into Radley. Would this job not have been better for Emily or Hanna? Or anyone else who wasn’t a patient? Also, do any nurses still dress like that?



Fact Five: As long as we live we will never understand all of Aria’s fashion decisions. She seems equally confused.


Watch the Summer Finale of Pretty Little Liars this Tuesday at 8E/5P on M3.