Apr.13 / 2015

First Look At Wednesday’s Return Of Reign Has Francis Fighting For His Life

Reign 218 Promo

New episodes of Reign return this Wednesday at 8E/5P exclusively on M3 and in this first look at Wednesday’s episode we see that Francis is fighting for his life.

After falling ill at the end of Episode 217 (catch up here), it looks like Francis has taken a turn for the worse, with the doctor telling Catherine he may never recover.

Not to be a big history spoiler, but we do know that Francis does die within a year of marrying Mary. Could this be the end? Say it isn’t so! We need Francis and Mary to reunite before we can say good bye to our blonde prince.

In today’s first look we also see that any compassion Catherine felt towards Mary and her decision to be with Conde went straight out the window as soon as it began to look like Nostradamus’ vision about Francis was coming true. So yeah, things are about to get really ugly in the French Court.

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