Feb.24 / 2015

Five Things You Can’t Miss On Tonight’s Pretty Little Liars

There are only three more episodes left until the shocking Season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars and the girls are closer than ever to uncovering ‘A’s identity. Here are five things you can’t miss on tonight’s brand new episode of Pretty Little Liars.

1. Mike Isn’t ‘A’

All is well once again in the Montgomery house now that Mike has come clean and revealed Mona’s plans to Aria. With the new knowledge that her brother is innocent, Aria must now figure out how to keep him out of jail as well. Helping a person fake their death has to be illegal, right?

2. The Girls Apologize To Alison

With Mike’s confession, the girls must decide whether to help Alison get out of jail. Even though she wasn’t lying about not killing Mona, that doesn’t mean we think the girls show throw their friendship bracelets back on and forgive all the terrible things she’s done.

3. The End Of Ezria?

After Ezra made his old man speech to Aria a few weeks ago, she’s finally taking him seriously. Aria has been spending a lot of time with cute, smart, athletic, and eager-to-help Andrew. The Debate Team member is looking to get out of the friendzone with Aria tonight, but will she accept his offer for a date?

4. Spencer Goes Across The Pond

In a last ditch effort to go to college somewhere other than Hawaii (explain to us again why that’s bad?), Spencer is flying across the pond to London. She’s hoping to get into Oxford, because you know, it’s really a last ditch school. We can’t wait to see whether Melissa and Wren will be making an appearance in jolly ole England.

5. Hanna Visits The Hospital

Between the Rosewood Hospital, the Radley Sanitarium, and most recently Ezra’s brush with death in a NYC hospital, people in scrubs have always meant a lot of mystery and a lot of danger for the Liars. On tonight’s episode, Hanna makes a hospital visit and what she sees is nothing short of terrifying.

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