Nov.4 / 2014

Francis’s Lie to Mary Has Consequences In This Clip From Wednesday’s Reign

On last week’s episode of Reign (read the recap here), Francis decided to lie to Mary and tell her that he’s been distant from her because he’s upset with her for losing their child. In truth, Francis is trying to protect Mary now that Narcisse’s knows Francis killed Henry. Not so big shocker, this horribly planned lie is hurting Mary’s feelings and creating a rift in their marriage.

I know that Francis is very young and has never been married, but good gawd, that was a stupid lie. Why can’t he say he’s stressed about, I dunno, BEING KING? Missing his dead dad, worrying about his wife’s recent miscarriage, worrying about the famine in France, concerns over the weather, constipation, whatever. Anything else would have been better than making Mary feel even worse than she already does about losing their child.

Check out this exclusive clip to see the damage already being done by Francis’ lie and don’t miss a brand new episode of Reign tomorrow and every Wednesday at 8E/5P exclusively on M3.