Nov.9 / 2015

Get A Last Look At Ed Sheeran With Rudimental In ‘Lay It All On Me’

After hosting the MMVAs, the MTV EMAs, releasing one of the biggest albums of the past two years, playing sold-out shows around the globe, dropping award-winning music videos, and giving us countless examples of being an all-around awesome person to his fans, it’s time for Ed Sheeran to take a break. He’s earned it.

The British singer released his collaboration Lay It All On Me with Rudimental in October and tweeted that the single would be the last new piece of music fans would hear from Sheeran for a while. If that really is the case (and we’re really hoping he changes his mind), then this will also be the last music video we see from Ed for a while.

Sheeran and British four piece Rudimental get political with their new video, envoking strong emotions with their black and white images. Covering a wide spectrum of topics, the words ‘Life’, ‘Struggle’, ‘Earth’, ‘Peace’, ‘Brotherhood’, and ‘Expression’ appear on the screen while a ballerina, a woman holding a baby, a man on a motorcycle and more striking images, including a firing squad taking aim, appear on screen.

Sheeran is solo in the video, with his sections filmed as close ups to his face. Piers Agget, Amir Amor, Kesi Dryden and DJ Locksmith, the four members of Rudimental, appear more frequently than Sheeran and are joined by child actors who are dressed to look like younger members of the band.

The band and Sheeran performed the song live just last month when Sheeran co-hosted the MTV EMAs in Milan. Lay It All On Me was recorded for Rudimental’s sophomore LP We The Generation and will also be included on Sheeran’s upcoming November 13 release, X – Wembley Edition.