Mar.13 / 2014

Get a sneak peek at Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars finale

In this exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday’s Season 4 finale of Pretty Little Liars, it looks like we’re going back to the start. Of course, this means flashbacks to the night Alison went missing. We learned early on that the infamous night included her meeting up with Ian, but now it also appears that Ezra was also a very big part of Alison’s final night in Rosewood.

At the end of this week’s episode (watch online here), the girls finally got word from Alison to meet her in Philadelphia. Alison is ready to talk, but will the girls like what she has to say? Even more important, can they trust their old friend?

Watch the Season 4 finale of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, March 18 at 8E/5P on M3. Catch up with episodes online at