Oct.1 / 2014

Get Ready for Tonight’s Season Premiere of Reign With This Insta-Round Up

Season 2 of Reign premieres exclusively on M3 tonight at 8E/5P and we have never been so excited to hear the words ‘Black Plague’. To recap, Mary and Francis are married, Catherine is a widow, Bash and Kenna are surprisingly happy, Greer is caught in a love square, and Lola is about to give birth to the King’s first born. Oh, and Nostradamus is likely still whisper-yelling.

We’ve already poured over some sneak peek pictures from tonight’s Season 2 premiere (click here) and now we’re heading to Instagram for more Reign goodies!

Watch the Season 2 premiere of Reign tonight at 8E/5P on M3.

New character Conde is already getting friendly with Bash…or they could be filming a scene where they try to kill one another. Place your bets!

Starbucks may have been around in the French Court, but let’s ask the real question; was there a Timmies?

This is how ladies in waiting literally wait between scenes.

There may be father/son flashbacks this season or maybe even Henry the (likely not friendly) ghost!

There will be horses in Season 2 of Reign.

Lots of horses. Even sad ones.

There may also be dogs.

Bash and Catherine may finally call a truce! Just kidding, that’s not gonna happen.

At least we can still hold out hope for Greith.