Feb.16 / 2016

Gwen Stefani Clears Up Her Relationship Status With ‘Make Me Like You’

Gwen Stefani continues to defy father time and has released her first video of 2016, which frankly could be her first video from 1996. The woman does not age.

Continuing to push musical boundaries, Stefani teamed up with her frequent music video collaborator, director Sophie Muller, to film a live music video inside a commercial break during last night’s Grammy Awards. Make Me Like You is the second single from Stefani’s upcoming third solo album, This is What the Truth Feels Like, set to be released on March 18.

Stefani posted the track listing for This Is What the Truth Feels Like on her Instagram page last week, showing 12 new tracks, plus four bonus songs that will only be available by purchasing the album from Target.

This Is What the Truth Feels Like…

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While Stefani’s comeback single I Used To Love You had a decidedly somber tone, Make Me Like You is a high-energy party track for anyone excited about a new relationship. Just in case there was any confusion over whether Stefani is singing about her boyfriend and fellow coach on The Voice, Blake Shelton, Stefani makes her intentions clear by naming the bar in her music video ‘Blake’s’. Even though the new music video dropped on February 15, we still think it should count as her Valentine’s Day gift to Shelton.

Released in conjunction with Target, Stefani focuses on her new mod phase, riding scooters from the 1960s and hanging out in a beauty parlor, all while dressed in a tight black turtleneck. Stefani even shows off her roller-skating skills in a formfitting bodysuit before quickly changing into a red gown and collecting that Target check.

Check out Gwen Stefani in Make Me Like You below and be prepared to have this new bop in your head all day long!