Oct.20 / 2015

Gwen Stefani’s ‘Used To Love You’ May Be The Best Video of 2015

Celebrity break ups have had one of their roughest years in 2015. The laundry list of couples who called it quits is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, but one of the most surprising was definitely the end of the 13-year marriage between rock royalty, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale.

Though the couple had been plagued with rumours of Rossdale’s infidelity well before the two were married, fans of the musicians always hoped that where there was smoke, there was no fire. While neither side has spoken about the reason behind the split, the two did announce their separation at the end of the summer.

So, what to do when a relationship ends and you’re a musician? Write an incredible track. That’s just what Stefani did, performing Used To Love You for the first time this past weekend in New York.

It’s been a quiet few years musically for the No Doubt frontwoman, with her recent singles Spark The Fire and Baby Don’t Lie failing to impress (though the second should have been a tip off to this summer’s separation). Now Gwen is going full-speed ahead with her well-received new track, releasing it on iTunes last night and dropping a music video this morning.

About that music video.

If Alanis Morissette’s Head Over Heels and D’Angelo’s How Does It Feel had a baby and it did nothing but lay around all day and sleep, that would pretty much be Stefani’s Used To Love You.

The stunning musician grabs her old Tragic Kingdom uniform, complete with a bright blue bra and white tank, and performs a whole lot of looks for the camera. Does she lip sync? Not really, except for two lines. Does she cry? Almost. Does she make any hand gestures? Nope.

Stefani does a little as possible for the entirety of the video and WE CAN’T STOP WATCHING IT.

It’s literally the simplest video that has been released in 2015, yet one of the most compelling. Stefani’s tried and true abilities as a performer who can engage her audience have never been more clear than in Used To Love You. She’s just that good.

Today is not a great day to be Gavin Rossdale.