Mar.28 / 2016

Hailee Steinfeld Gets Messy In Love With Video For ‘Rock Bottom’ Feat DNCE

Rock Bottom Video M3

Actress Hailee Steinfeld broke into the music scene last year with her self-empowerment mantra Love Myself and hasn’t slowed down since. The Oscar nominee is now back with a new stadium anthem along with Joe Jonas’ supergroup DNCE and we can’t stop listening to the catchy pop track.

Featuring a hard hitting guitar-driven chorus over the radio-friendly single, Steinfeld and Jonas are a perfect vocal match in the new single Rock Bottom, which talks about the ups and downs of a relationship from both parties viewpoints.

The track originally appeared on Steinfeld’s 2015 debut EP HAIZ, but the new version has the welcome addition of DNCE’s high-energy bursts throughout.

Now Rock Bottom has a new video and features Steinfeld’s impressive acting chops. Just released this weekend, Steinfeld plays a character in a tumultuous relationship that involves a lot of fighting and crying and not nearly enough Sour Patch Kids. When she and her boyfriend decide to check out a new band, Steinfeld joins DNCE on stage to duet with Jonas.

While Rock Bottom’s lyrics focus on the highs and lows of a relationship, the music video isn’t sending a healthy message. Steinfeld’s boyfriends leaves the club upset at seeing her sing and rather than finish the performance, she runs crying into the street and they reunite with a kiss. The video glamorizes an unhealthy relationship, mistaking dramatic daily fights as passion.

It’s no surprise that the people who wrote Cake By The Ocean and Love Myself have created another catchy bop, but we would have liked a different ending for the video. Gurl, finish the song and do your thang.