Apr.14 / 2016

Halsey Takes The Crown In ‘Castle’ Music Video For The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Castle M3

If you tuned into last Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards (watch again here) then you know that Halsey has written a badass new track for The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

The singer created a dark and mysterious winter wonderland on the Warner Bros. lot during her powerful and somewhat sinister performance of her new song Castle during the MTV Movie Awards, managing to momentarily steal the show from over-the-top hosts Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson.

Now Halsey has released a music video for Castle and is staying in character for the new film. Wearing a golden crown and matching gown, the 21-year-old looks like she just stepped out of a scene with the film’s stars, including Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain and Chris Hemsworth.

Along with the new video, Halsey has also shared a behind-the-scenes look at shooting Castle. In addition to being excited about her involvement in such a big film, Hasley says she’s also honoured to be part of a project that has such strong female characters.

Taking fans backstage on the shoot, Halsey reveals that she got to choose her dress from over 100 gold gowns and even picked out a crown from the movie’s set. “I got to feel like a queen a little bit,” says Halsey, who jokes that she hopes to be cast in the next Huntsman film.

Watch Halsey in her new video for Castle below. The Hunstman: Winter’s War hits theatres Friday, April 22.