Oct.5 / 2015

Hedley Explore The Dark Side Of Fame In ‘Can’t Slow Down’

Canadian rockers Hedley may be known as four of the craziest guys in music, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to get real with their lyrics. Case in point, the band’s new single, Can’t Slow Down.

The new track is the second offering from Hedley’s upcoming sixth studio album Hello, set to be released on November 6. It’s a big departure from the album’s lead single Lost In Translation, the usual carefree pop rock anthem we’ve come to expect from every Hedley record.

Can’t Slow Down takes a look at the dark side of fame, with Hedley trying to rectify living in the limelight without sacrificing their relationships.

The deeply personal lyrics specifically speak to lead singer Jacob Hoggard, who sings “She said Jake, you’re a little bit stoned/When you gonna get grown/Will you just come home, I’m so not sure/Can you help yourself, I can’t help you anymore/You’re going faster than me”.

The new track is available now on iTunes for fans who pre-order Hello.