Jul.25 / 2014

Here’s Everything There Is To Know About Season 2 of Reign

Reign Cast M3

Waiting for Season 2 of Reign has felt longer than waiting for mail delivered across all of Europe by carrier pigeon. Reprieve has arrived today, thanks to the Reign cast sharing a number of juicy tidbits about Season 2 while speaking on a panel at Comic Con. All hail the nerds who came up with this conference, amirite?

The trailer for the upcoming season is only 41 seconds long, but few shows know how to pack in the dramz like Reign and this trailer is no different.

We’ve recapped the trailer, plus all the extra spoilers the cast shared during their panel at Comic Con. Here’s what we have to look forward to when Season 2 of Reign premieres this fall.

There will be deaths in the Season 2 premiere, including the death of Nostradamus’s beard. Hopefully he can drop the constant whisper-shout as well.

Francis reaches Lola in time to see her deliver their child and returns to French Court with both in tow. My history is a little rusty, so is this where the practice of sister wives first began? Mary is happy to see the two people she is closest with return to court, but she’s constantly torn between loving them and hating them both, especially since she’s still not pregnant.

Bash and Kenna continue to be the most surprising and endearing love story. Thanks for the match-making dead dad!

Queen Catherine is now Queen Mother, a title she loathes. She and Mary are able to bond over their husband’s both having bastard sons. Um, that’s nice? Also, there will be more Protestant/Catholic tensions as Mary attempts to balance being the Queen of France and Scotland.

Bash also gets a haircut. Remains foxified.

There are new characters this season. We will meet Princess Claude, the daughter of Queen Catherine and the late King Henry, who has returned to Court. It’s unclear as to why exactly she’s returning home, but we do know that she is described as ‘sexually advanced’, so she’ll fit right in. Fracis makes a new friend with Conde, who is also referred to as the ‘Prince of Blood’. He sounds like a lot of fun. Narcisse is a character that will be close to Queen Catherine and become her new sparring partner now that King Henry is dead.

Leith and Greer’s story is far from over. Let’s not forget that Season 1 ended with Greer rejecting Leith’s proposal and Leith unknowingly flirting with Greer’s future step-daughter. It’s getting very All My Children up in the French Court.

The black death is here and it’s real. And gross. The plague will be the new fear at French Court, with allies turning on one another over fear of getting sick.

Check out the full trailer for Season 2 of Reign below. Let’s. Get. Excited!!!!

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