Nov.25 / 2015

Here’s Everything We Learned From ‘Pretty Little Liars: 5 Years Forward’

The Pretty Little Liars special 5 Years Forward aired last night on M3 and in keeping with the Season 6 tradition of giving us some major spoilers, the special revealed tons of tidbits about the upcoming time hop. There are fiancés. There are deaths. There are new mysteries. There are bangs.

The cast and crew of Pretty Little Liars revealed where we find their characters after the five-year time hop and just how they aged Rosewood. Radley Sanitarium is now a freaking hotel. Can you believe that?

The time hop begins with Alison bringing all four Liars back to Rosewood in hopes they’ll testify on Charlotte’s behalf. If the girls can convince a judge they no longer fear their former tormentor, Charlotte will be released. That is, if the girls agree to testify.

After the Liars return to their hometown, something happens that forces the foursome to stick around. The January return of Pretty Little Liars promises to be bigger, badder, scarier, and naked-er than ever before. We. Are. In.

Now let’s get to all the juicy reveals!


Caleb and Hanna did go to New York and he continued his journey in the tech world while Hanna went to school for fashion at FIT. The two lived in a tiny apartment in Tribeca, which viewers will get to see when Season 6 returns in January. Hanna interned with Zac Posen in Europe, where she met her current boss, Claudia Greico. Hanna became Greico’s assistant and was constantly travelling, leaving little time for Caleb and lots of time to meet her new fiance in Europe. RIP Haleb…for now. We refuse to accept these two are over!


Emily’s recap of the last five years is easily the most shocking and sad. After enrolling in Pepperdine College in Malibu to be close to Paige, Emily eventually drops out after her dad dies in the army. Emily begins bartending in California and spending time with Paige at Stanford until she eventually comes back to Rosewood with the biggest secret of everyone.


Spencer went to Georgetown and finally got to focus on academics and not trying to figure out who is trying to kill her and her friends. And they say the first year of college is tough! Spoby fell apart, with Spencer happy in a big city and Toby wanting to stay in small town Rosewood. Spencer has now graduated and is working as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill, but is also helping her mom run for a seat on the Senate. Spencer returns to Rosewood and moves into the barn, which she decorated. This feature is a fun throwback to the Pretty Little Liars books, where Spencer becomes an Interior Designer.


Aria starts her college experience in Georgia as a photography major, but after revisitng her love for writing, transfers to Boston and becomes a writing major. She eventually lands a job in publishing and begins dating her co-worker Liam. Aria also begins working with Ezra when her firm publishes his book.


Mona went to college and majored in Political Science (no kidding) and is now quickly becoming a popular political figure. With news that Charlotte may be released, Mona is again living in fear that her past may become public knowledge and ruin her future. Of course, Mona is still Mona and poses as a summer student to get an internship at the hospital where Charlotte is being held in hopes of pumping her for information. Alison manages to intervene before Mona can get to her sister, but we’re glad to see that even with the time hop we can still rely on Mona to get up to her old tricks.


Alison missed out on most of her high school years, so she decided to have a do-over and become a high school teacher. She visits Charlotte every day at the Welby State Pyshiatric Hospital, where Dr. Sullivan is treating her. Is there only one doctor in Rosewood? Nope, there’s two, because Alison is also dating Charlotte’s other doctor. In true Alison form, the two must keep their relationship a secret.


After his relationship with Hanna ended, Caleb found himself back in Rosewood and continuing his bromance with Toby. They now go fishing every week and probably legally drink beer while doing it.


Still a member of the Rosewood police force, Toby inherited a ton of money after his house exploded in Season 5. Toby uses the money to buy three acres of land outside of Rosewood and build his dream home, doing his best impression of The Notebook.


Ezra has had an eventful five years. He did end up following Emily’s friend Nicole to South America to work for Habitat for Humanity, which he quickly found was his calling. His work was taken away from him very quickly and violently and he returns to Rosewood alone. Without a sense of who he is or what he is supposed to do with his life, Ezra turns to alcohol to bury his feelings. At some point, he has also written a book, although we’re not sure whether it focused on the Liars and Alison.

Don’t miss the return of Pretty Little Liars Season 6 on Tuesday, January 12 at 8E/5P on M3! Check out the first four minutes of the winter premiere below!