Feb.9 / 2015

Here’s What We Know About Pretty Little Liar’s Mike Montgomery

The build up to the season finale on this season of Pretty Little Liars is like nothing we’ve seen before. With Alison’s trial date approaching and Mona’s death haunting the Liars, the girls are more desperate than ever to figure out what Alison has done and who’s been helping her. One thing they didn’t expect was that Alison’s accomplice could be sleeping in the room next to him.

The evidence that Aria’s little brother Mike may be involved with ‘A’ is quickly mounting and in this look at tomorrow’s episode, we see that Mike is stealing the family car, carrying a lot of cash, and working out shirtless. Okay, that last one doesn’t make him look guilty, but we’re really impressed with his form and wanted to point it out. Aria maintains her brother’s innocence, but Mike’s history of violence towards Aria is pretty well documented.

So what do we really know about Mike? Let’s recap.

In Season 1, we see the first signs of violence from Mike when he gets in a fight at school. Aria tries to break up the fight and Mike ends up pushing his sister.

That same season, Mike finds out about Aria and Mr. Fitz and tells Byron and Ella. They don’t believe him at first, but then begin fighting over the situation with Mike eventually blaming Aria for ruining their parents marriage. Mike later punches Ezra, but after hearing Aria explain why she loves him, Mike tries to convince his dad to go easy on Aria.

In Season 2, Aria learns that Mike has left behind his old group of friends. Aria tries to find out what’s bothering Mike, but he refuses to open up and instead threatens her. Later, Mike is diagnosed with depression.

When Jason DiLaurentis catches Mike breaking into his house, he brings Mike home and agrees to not call the police. Mike admits to Aria that he’s been stealing things from Emily’s house and even body-checked his sister when she surprised him at the Hasting’s house. Mike eventually gets caught by the police and tells Aria he stole a gun from Officer Garrett’s house.

We don’t actually see Mike in Season 3, but in Season 4 he returns in a big way. First, a friend of Mike’s named Connor spreads a rumour that involves hooking up with Aria. Later, Connor’s car is vandalized, but Ezra saves Mike from expulsion by pointing out there’s no proof Mike was involved. Aria begins to worry about her brother again when he suddenly rejoins his group of friends, which includes Connor.

Mike’s involvement with the Liars really started to amp up this season. First he overhears Aria talking to Fitz while he’s in the hospital in New York.

Next, Mike and Mona get back together after Mona initially broke up with Mike in hopes of keeping him safe from ‘A’. Aria is furious that the two are Facebook official again and during a family trip to the movie theatre, Aria says something nasty to Mona and Mike forces his sister to apologize.

After Mona’s death, Ezra enlists Mike help to build a bookshelf in The Brew, hoping to keep him busy. He doesn’t appear to be in mourning, but after being pressed by Aria, Mike finally breaks down and cries over Mona.

During last week’s episode (watch online here), Spencer finds a copy of the visitors log from the local jail and sees that Mike visited Alison after she was arrested. Aria follows her brother into the woods and confronts him, but Mike tells Aria to leave him alone and then threatens his sister.

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