Apr.7 / 2015

Here’s What You Can Look Forward To During Tonight’s Younger Premiere

M3’s new series Younger premieres tonight at 8E/5P and we can’t wait! We caught a sneak peek of tonight’s premiere (loved it) and we’re here to tell you what you have a lot to look forward to when Younger hits screens tonight at 8E/5P. Hint: a lot!

Younger centres on 40 year-old Liza, who is attempting to re-enter the work force after taking 15 years off to raise her daughter. With her marriage ending and her resume outdated, Liza decides to try a new age - how does 26 sound?

Liza manages to score a job at a publishing house and quickly makes a new friend and meets a new guy, but how long will she be able to keep her real age a secret?

We can’t wait for the first season of Younger to kick off tonight at 8E/5P and here are a few things we know you’re going to love about the new series.

You’ll want to move to New York City. Much like Sex and the City, which was also produced and directed by Younger’s Darren Star, one episode of the new series and you’ll be packing your bags for Soho.

Everyone can relate to Liza’s struggles. Even if you’re not a 40 year-old divorcee pretending to be a 26 year-old single girl, Liza’s quest to figure out where she fits and what her identity is makes her relatble to all viewers.

Killer soundtrack. As if the fashion in Younger isn’t enough to make you want to get off the couch and hit the newest club, the high energy soundtrack will definitely do the trick. Younger star Hilary Duff may even be contributing to the soundtrack and we are ready to fan-girl.

Keep it current. A big part of Younger focuses on how Liza adjusts to a different workforce in 2015. She’s heard of a hashtag, but what is it exactly? Younger keeps things topical as Liza maneuvers everything from Lena Dunham references to Tweeting as Jane Austen.

Awe-inspiring apartments. Again, like it’s precursor Sex and the City, as well as every other show shot in New York City (we haven’t forgotten you, Friends), characters live in awe-inspiring apartments. Liza movies in with her friend Maggie, who resides in a loft that would make us want to hole up and never leave.

Ageism is tackled head-on. Age is a big issue on Younger, with the first episode focusing on how Liza’s co-workers view her as a 26 year-old versus a 40 year-old. We have a feeling this isn’t a topic that’s going away after the first episode and that’s great. Ageism is a topic that has gone relatively unexplored on TV.

Don’t miss the season premiere of Younger tonight at 8E/5P on M3.