Apr.28 / 2015

Hilary Duff Is On Tinder And Now We’re All Joining Tinder

Tinder users and single people rejoice! If you haven’t yet downloaded the dating/hooking up app, there’s now one very attractive reason to do it. Younger star and pop singer Hilary Duff confirmed to Ryan Seacrest today that she is single, she is ready to mingle, and she is on Tinder. Celebrities…they’re just like us!

Duff told Seacrest that she initially joined Tinder to try something new and found that men on the app were actually very normal. Duff estimates she talking to nine guys right now and has already gone on her first Tinder date with friends and is heading out on her first solo mission tomorrow.

Next time you’re swiping left or right and spot someone that looks like a celebrity, maybe it is! Or maybe it’s someone using a celebrity’s pic. That’s just mean.

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