May.14 / 2015

Hilary Duff Really, Really Loves Tinder In New ‘Sparks’ Video

A few weeks ago, we learned that Younger actress and pop singer Hilary Duff had joined Tinder and we thought dang, we need to join Tinder. The former Lizze MaGuire star has been vocal about her newfound love of the swipe-friendly dating app and even incorporated it into her new music video. Actually, it’s kinda the star.

The retro 80s video is a backdrop to real footage of Duff talking about Tinder, using Tinder, and going out on dates set up through Tinder. We have a feeling she’s getting some Tinder money for this as well, which will help cover the cost of future dates. Bowling is expensive, y’all!

The non-Tinder parts of the video, which are pretty few and far between, feature Duff and two back up dancers showing off their moves while supported by brightly coloured walls and outfits. Duff sports lilac hair in the video, which reminds us that after we join Tinder we need to go dye our hair lilac.

Duff also released the album artwork and title for her new album, called Breath In. Breath Out. The new disc marks Hilary’s first since 2007’s Dignity.

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