Jul.29 / 2014

I Never Meant To Start A War: How I Accidentally Started Hunter Hayes Tattoogate

It all started innocently enough. A post-interview Instagram pic.

It became the most controversial and most commented on picture I’ve ever posted.

It wasn’t so much the picture that caused the drama, but the caption that went with it. “Nothing steals my heart more than a Southern gentlemen. With country cutie @hunterhayes. Hope your Mom isn’t too mad about the Tattoo!! #hunterhayes”

So here’s the real story once and for all. I know some of you Hayniacs have been waiting with bated breath. For those of you who don’t know, Hunter Hayes is a 22-year-old adorable country singer from Louisiana. He plays his own instruments, has blonde hair and Youtube videos that would make your heart melt. His latest single is called Tattoo. I had read an interview where Hunter was alluding to when he meets the right girl he may be willing to be her name etched in a permanent way.

So I asked him about the song and brought Hunter fake temporary tattoos from a costume shop. One was the classic tattoo with “Mother” etched through a sailor anchor. We laughed and joked that his mother was the one woman who would always be in his life and that she is the one who deserved the tattoo. He told me he would put it on and text her a picture (as though it was real tattoo) and that she would be livid.

Fast forward to the post-interview pic. I had started a full out fandom war. My phone was dinging every second. Apparently my teasing caption had created chaos for the Hunter Hayniacs. Many of you ladies couldn’t fathom that Hunter would get a tattoo without your permission — HOW? WHY? COULD IT BE TRUE? The fans needed to know and they wasted no time. Almost two hundred comments and counting. Several inquests were made whether we are dating and if I was into to him and accusations flew that I was “tearing up the fandom and turning them against one another.”

Tattoogate exploded more than we all could foresee and eventually his publicity camp got wind of it. I made it onto his YouTube tour diary and they released footage of me giving him the fake tattoos to set the record straight:

Girls, I’ve been there. My walls had Trent Reznor and Eminem posters. I understand that celebrity crushes are a milestone in our treasured development growing up. You only have to go to a recent Backstreet Boys and New Kids on The Block tour to see that in real life.

Go out and enjoy the music. By all means, love Hunter Hayes. He deserves it. But, instead of engaging in the online drama, go out and curate your talent and find out what makes you special. Take my maternal advice, it is certainly not worth getting upset over and letting it ruin your day.

A little crush never hurt anyone. Be kind to one another, have crushes, love a lot, but we ladies gotta stick together.

Peace & love,

Catch the full Hunter Hayes interview very soon. But for now, check out the interstitial airing this week on M3.




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